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Your genome is the complete set or the haploid set of genetic information in the cells of your body. 4 DNA arrangement in 3D space has a large impact on human health and disease. A slight change in DNA folding can affect whether genes and activated or repressed which can affect the function of the protein. 2 Technology has made it possible for us to see the variation of genetic code amongst people. Your DNA code determines the colour of your eyes, to the size of your feet, the colour of your hair, etc.

But it also determines how prone you are to certain diseases. Understanding how and why DNA changes causes issues is important to discover ways of preventing and to discover potential treatments linked to a change in DNA sequence. 1 2Prof Jim Hughes, Associate Professor of Genome Biology, University of Oxford, said: ‘It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the way that a cell fits two metres of DNA into a structure more than ten times smaller than a human hair, is more than just a random process. We are dissecting this intricate folding to understand which parts of our immense genome are interacting at any one time, helping us understand whether changes in this process can cause disease. 2

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