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Your brain needs nutritious fruits, lean and organic meats, vegetables and enough vitamins to function correctly and enhance memory. Consuming too little of these types of foods and too much of everything from processed foods to complex carbohydrates can activate toxins in your body that can negatively impact your memory. The following six foods you should try to avoid if you want to safeguard your brain and stop memory decline: Microwave Popcorn The favorite go-to snack to eat while watching television or movies may cause memory loss due to it possibly containing diacetyl.

It’s a chemical that may boost amyloid plaques in your brain. The accumulation of these plaques may trigger you to have Alzheimer’s disease as well as a declining memory.Processed Meats Hot dogs and bacon are meats that may contain nitrosamines, which are chemical compounds that are toxic to the brain and can cause the liver to make more fats. A rise in nitrate levels in the environment and food could raise your chances for Alzheimer’s disease based on a study printed in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease that was led by Suzanne de la Monte of the Rhode Island Hospital. Many varieties of processed meats are also known to have trans fats that could hinder your memory and cause you to experience brain fog.Processed CheesesMozzarella sticks and American cheese are among the many types of cheese that aren’t brain-friendly.

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They play a role in building up proteins in the body, which can boost the chances of a person experiencing a declining memory as well as Alzheimer’s disease. They’re also full of saturated fats that could harm your memory and cause inflammation in the brain.Tofu When consumed in large quantities, tofu could be harmful to your memory, especially for seniors over the age of 68. In 2008, top researcher Eef Hogervorst did a study that’s printed in the journal Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders that suggests there is evidence soy products abundant in the micronutrients named phytoestrogens may have a negative impact on the aging brain, and they can diminish memory function and raise the chances of dementia. Sweets Donuts, pastries and other processed treats contain a lot of sugar. When you consume too much sugar, it can cause the brain’s memory control center, hippocampus, to become inflamed, which means it can’t work at full capacity. Eating too many sugary foods can also raise your blood pressure and do extensive damage to your brain as well as cause memory decline.

Tuna Canned tuna has different amounts of methylmercury, which is a commonly known neurotoxin. Your body will gradually release mercury over time, but consuming too much of it may lead to a build-up of mercury in bodily tissues like your brain. When a person is exposed to mercury over a long period, they can experience a variety of symptoms from difficulty walking to vision issues and brain fog to memory problems.


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