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William Shakespeare was considered to be the most influential playwright, author, dramatist, and poet in British literature.

Many of his plays seem to be influential towards the Western culture. He has many works that the literature world finds fascinating, one of which includes Macbeth. Shakespeare wrote the Tragedy of Macbeth around the time of James I rule in 1606. It is an immense and bloody tragedy shows the journey of a Scottish general, Macbeth, who receives some prophecies from a group of three wicked sisters that he would one day become King of Scotland. Strongly encouraged by this prediction, Macbeth seeks to find King Duncan hoping to dethrone him so that he would rule Scotland. After this bloody incident, Macbeth begins to rule Scotland invoked with feelings of guilt and fear.

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Shortly after, he becomes an oppressive ruler who is forced to commit more acts of murder in hopes that he could protect himself from resentment. Towards the end of the play, death takes over Macbeth and his wife, Lady Macbeth. All through the play, Shakespeare is able to connect with his audience by using the method of role reversal. Although it is not a typical thing to do, Shakespeare explore this whole idea. An important idea that Shakespeare considers are the roles of the male and female characters.


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