Why does the number of sexual assault continue to increase throughout the Army

Why does the number of sexual assault continue
to increase throughout the Army?
What’s the Army’s slogan for sexual assault and sexual harassment, I guarantee you most soldiers don’t know it. I. A.M. STRONG, the I stand for intervene, the A stand for act, and the M stand for motivate. What is the last word in the slogan? Strong, but still we’re not strong enough to eliminate sexual assault and sexual harassment. This makes me question the SHARP program. I love the idea, but I believe that the program is not as beneficial to our Army unfortunately.
The reason why I say the program is not beneficial is because we still have sexual harassment and sexual assault cases. The last reason why I feel like the SHARP program is not as effective as it should be is because the program doesn’t explain the severity of such a crime and the punishment, it pretty much explain how to report an incident.
Numbers don’t lie, from 2016 to 2017 sexual assault increased by 10 percent. “WASHINGTON — More than 6,700 Defense Department employees reported being sexually assaulted in the 2017 fiscal year — the highest number since the United States military began tracking reports more than a decade ago. In all, 6,769 people reported assaults for the 2017 fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30. It was the largest yearly increase since 2014 and the most reports since the Pentagon started tracking the data in 2006 (Gibbons-Neff, 2018)”. It also seems like any branch a civilian choose to join may not be safe. What’s the branch us soldiers always talk and laugh about? Airmen, the softest force so we say. You know it’s bad when people are scared and second guess themselves about joining the Air Force. “Men and women in the Air Force face the greatest risk of sexual assault at Air Education and Training Command bases, according to a new report from Rand Corp. The report, “Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the U.S Military,” found that the five bases with the highest estimated risk of sexual assault for women were all AETC bases ( Stephen Losey September 21″. My little sister wants to join the force, if sexual assaults and harassments keep going at this rate I might just convince her to take a different route, sad to say.
I’ve seen soldiers report sexual harassment, clear evidence were presented but no severe punishment was implemented, just removed from the unit. That’s all, if it’s that easy to commit such an offense without repercussions then soldiers will feel like they can get away with so much more, like sexual assault. More cases of military sexual assault are being reported, but fewer are being referred to courts-martial because commanders are increasingly relying on administrative action and discharges for accused offenders, according to the latest report on sexual assaults in the military.(Jeff Schogol, April 30, 2018).” If serious punishment was given, whether if its sexual assault or harassment, this will put a lot of fear in soldiers and make them think before they act.
So with those reasons being said I feel like it will take a while before we start seeing a decrease in sexual assault and harassment throughout the Army. We must start at the lowest level first, ourselves. NCOs must address situations that may lead up to sexual assault and harassment immediately before it escalate. As a whole we must take care of each other. We are brothers and sisters in a way. Let’s continue to build cohesiveness teams throughout our formations. I A.M STRONG, lets live by this slogan. Intervene, Act, and Motivate, and we’ll be a safe Army. One time, one fight!
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