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“When the new president, Lyndon Johnson, appointed a commission chaired by Chief Justice Earl Warren to investigate the assassination, many believed that the distinguished panel would resolve lingering doubts about Kennedy’s murder.In reality, the publication of the Warren Report in September 1964 only served to raise numerous concerns about the existence of an assassination conspiracy, and in a broader sense, about the credibility of the government. For example, the Warren Commission maintained that the autopsy on Kennedy proved that the shots came from above and behind.

But the post-mortem dissection of the president’s body was actually one in a series of cover-ups and concealment of evidence that has characterised this case.In many other aspects of the assassination, the United States government engaged in a systematic cover-up of the truth by either destroying or “classifying” vital evidence. The Secret Service, the FBI, the CIA, President Johnson, and even the Kennedy family, participated in this refusal to allow the whole truth to be revealed.”For more than 40 years I have studied, researched and taught about the Kennedy assassination. Because so much of the evidence about this case has never been released, I still do not know the answer to the most fundamental question of all – who killed President Kennedy? We deserve to know the answer.” – Michael Kurtz is a professor of history at Southeastern Louisiana University

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