What Was Harriet Tubman’s Greatest Achievement

What Was Harriet Tubman’s Greatest Achievement?
Harriet Tubman was an amazing person who had many wonderful achievements. Her achievements ranged from a Conductor of the Underground Railroad to a nurse during the Civil War. When people think Harriet Tubman we usually connect her to the Underground Railroad, but would you be surprised to learn that she had done many other amazing things in her life. In this document we will be analyzing all of the accomplishments of Harriet Tubman’s life. It was the year off 1822 and little Arminta Ross was born in Dorchester County. Arminta spent her entire childhood living in slavery, and even though she had a loving family life wasn’t ever easy for a black slave. Arminta and her family had to live with the fear of being separated because Atlantic slave trade had landed in 1802 which put pressure on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to provide young slaves. It is estimated that about 10% of young black slaves were separated from their families and sold to owners in the deep South. In the year of 1844, Arminta Rose got married to John Tubman, a free black man. Sadly being married to a free black mad didn’t alter Arminta’s status as a slave but it did lead Arminta to change her name, this is when she became Harriet Tubman. Finally in the year of 1849 Harriet Tubman’s master died. At the time of his death Harriet had to make a decision that would change her life forever. This decision was that she would run away. Harriet’s plan was to run all the way to philadelphia and even though she pleaded with her husband to come he refused. Still Harriet made her way to Philadelphia, she would run barefoot through the woods, mostly at night. Over the next couple years Harriet became a conductor of the Underground Railroad. She would free slaves from the south then take them all the way upto Canada. She would escort the escapees to Canada because, in 1850 congress passed the bloodhound act which forced Northerners to report an escaped black slave. The Underground Railroad wasn’t actually underground and it wasn’t even actually a railroad. It was just a series of safe houses which slaves could travel from.

Being a conductor of the Underground Railroad was an amazing accomplishment when you think about how riskey it was. Harriet would travel from the South and back multiple times with the risk of being caught adn experiencing the punishments. Over the course of 11 years Harriet managed to save over 38 slaves if not more. She had many tactics to make sure that she didn’t get caught. She would travel during winter when the nights were longer and less people were out. She would also start rescue missions on Saturdays because Sundays were rest days and it wouldn’t be suspicious if the slaves weren’t seen on Sunday. Along with all these risks they also had to travel a great distance. It was a huge distance from the south to Canada and it could take many days to get there. Even though being a conductor of the Underground Railroad is what Harriet Tubman was best remembered for that wasn’t the only thing that Harriet did with her life.

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Around one year into the Civil War the governor of Massachusetts asked Harriet Tubman to join Union Troops in South Carolina. Harriet was asked to lead a group of eight black spies whose mission was to provide information to the Union Troops so they could organize a raid to free slaves. This raid was on June 2nd, 1863 and they managed to save about 800 slaves. Harriett was also asked to console the slaves once they had newly been freed. Even after helping save so many lives Harriet still wasn’t given any recognition. This was a great achievement because Harriet managed to save 800 slaves in a single night. But, this still wasn’t the only thing that Harriet had done for the Civil War.