What the graves of those who served the

What Memorial Day means to me is when we celebrate the lives of the soldiers who have served the military. Many people think it is the day we celebrate fallen soldiers. But there is more to that. It is the day where we celebrate all soldiers deceased or not. Memorial Day is when we think about those who have tried to make the world a safer place.

They train hard every day in extreme environments, getting ready for they have to go to war. These heroes are brave and courageous and chose to go to combat when many others would not. They answered the call and signed up to be a soldier.

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They travel to distant lands around the big blue world. They leave their families and friends too. Memorial Day was called Decoration Day. It was called Decoration Day because citizens decorated the graves of those who served the military.

But now many citizens have neglected that duty. That is not what Memorial Day means.


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