What calculate carbon footprint? We can measure

What is carbon emission or as mostly recognized as carbon footprint?The name carbon footprint came out of ecological footprint discussion, which is the amount of the carbon being used by an organization, event, product, and individual. In other terms, carbon footprint means the total amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses that are passed during the growth period of any product or service. How to calculate carbon footprint? We can measure our carbon footprint by a person’s carbon footprint is measured in terms of main categories of consumption: housing, traveling, food supplies, products. Some causes of carbon footprint are like fossil fuel, modern lifestyle, air travel, food, and the industrial revolution.

There is obviously pros and cons of carbonfootprint, some of the advantages of carbon footprint is used to quantifying and fixing the sources of greenhouse gas emissions of a product, during the production chain, it allows establishing objectives, strategies, and actions to reduce these emissions and through make the production processes of goods more effective and economic.

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