What if technology suddenly disappeared

What if technology suddenly disappeared? In present day society, technology has taken over our everyday lives. In this article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid, What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains” Nicholas Carr asserts that humans are indeed becoming helpless because of our dependence on technology. Carr believes that the excessive use of the internet is not letting people be able to think and read how they use to before the technology we have around us. He explains how we think less deeply and rely on quick facts, versus using critical thinking and research. Now a days technology is everywhere around us, our phones, computers, etc. We use these things on a daily basis for an efficient way to get things done.
It is difficult to imagine what life would be like when the world has technology right at our fingertips. Necessarily it’s not making us “Stupid”, it’s affecting us and the way one processes information. The internet is making us lazy and unable to memorize. It’s become our map, our clock ; telephone etc. Even social net working to online shopping, the internet is used as a main tool everywhere.