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Week4Week 4 QuestionQUESTION 1What is required to set up an event handler to respond to a form submission? (multiple answers) The form must have an event handler function assigned to the (ngSubmit) attribute A button in the form must be defined with attribute submit The submit button must have an event handler function assigned to a (click) attribute The form must have an event handler function assigned to the (ngSubmit) attributeQUESTION 2When a new page is generated on the command line without a module which files are generated? HTML, TypeScript HTML, JavaScript SCSS, TypeScript HTML, SCSS, and TypeScriptQUESTION 3Which of the following bind the value of the src attribute of the img tag to the image property of the template’s class? (multiple answers) ; img {{src}} = image ; ; img src=”{{image}}” ; ; img image = “src” ; ; img src = “image” ;QUESTION 4What is the navigation controller function to display a new page by placing it onto the navigation stack? pull stack display pushQUESTION 5A new page is created on the command line for the page named NewPage, write below the exact name of the directory created for the page (case sensitive)QUESTION 6Which of the following is required to ensure that two-way binding works with Ionic inputs? (multiple answers) The class property referred to by (ngModel) must have an initial value The input field must have an initial value defined in the HTML assigned to the value attribute (ngModel) must be assigned a value which refers to a property from the template’s class The input must have the name attribute definedQUESTION 7Each page in Ionic is passed a Navigation Controller, what is the class of the Navigation Controller object? NavController NavigationController Nav Navigation ControllerQUESTION 8What is the correct syntax to generate an Ionic page without a module from the command line? ionic generate page –no-module ionic generate NewPage ionic page NewPage –no-module ionic generate page NewPage –no-moduleQUESTION 9When a new page on the command line called Person is created, what is the name of the class which is created? (case sensitive)QUESTION 10Which of the following will change the currently shown tab? (assume the code is in the page of the currently displayed tab) this.navCtrl.parent.

push(“NewTab”); this.navCtrl.parent.show(3); this.navCtrl.parent.select(“NewTab”); this.

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navCtrl.parent.select(3);Week 5QUESTION 1How long should the executive summary of a design document be?More than one pageThe executive summary is the entire documentHalf to one pageNo more than one sentenceQUESTION 2Which of the following tasks should be performed before implementation begins? (select multiple) Testing Determine requirements Client meeting Screen designsQUESTION 3Which of the following are secondary navigation patterns? (select multiple) Image carousel Expanding list Tab menu GalleryQUESTION 4Which of the following are primary navigation patterns? (select multiple) Dashboard Tab menu Springboard Expanding listQUESTION 5When would a system overview be necessary in a design document?If the app is a systemThe app is large enough to be considered its own systemIf the system consists of more than just the app, e.g. the app requires a serverThe app has “system” in its nameweek-7QUESTION 1What is the value of the variable num after the line below is executed?var num:int;undefinednull0″”0.1 points   QUESTION 2Ionic Storage provides a storage interface to Ionic apps, but may use different underlying storage approaches.

What is the type of interface that the Storage module provides to Ionic apps?SQL querieskey/value storageRelational databaseMongoDB0.1 points   QUESTION 3If the value of a storage property is retrieved but has not yet been assigned a value, the value returned is:0null””undefined0.1 points   QUESTION 4What is the correct way of storing the boolean value true for the key “hasOpened”?this.

storage.set(“hasOpened”, true);this.storage.set(hasOpened, true);this.

storage.hasOpened = true;this.storage.

set(true, “hasOpened”);0.1 points   QUESTION 5What is the correct way of retrieving the boolean value from the storage key “hasOpened” and storing in a class property “hasOpened”?this.storage.get(“hasOpened”).then((val) => {    this.

hasOpened = val;  });this.hasOpened = this.storage.hasOpened;this.storage.

get(“hasOpened”).then((bool) => {    this.hasOpened = bool;  });this.storage.hasOpened = val;week8QUESTION 1What array function is used to delete an element from an array? splice remove split slice0.

1 points   QUESTION 2If we want to execute some code every time a page is displayed (e.g. repeatedly visiting a tab), where should the code go? ionViewDidEnter ionViewWillLoad ionViewDidLoad constructor0.1 points   QUESTION 3Which of the following represents a CSS class?<ion-item *ngFor=”let person of people; odd as odd1″ ngClass=”{odd2: odd1}”> odd2 ngClass odd1 odd0.1 points   QUESTION 4When a page is shown for the first time, what order are the following executed?                                             ionViewDidLoad                                             constructor                                             ionViewDidEnter                                             ionViewWillEnterQUESTION 5Which of the following is the correct syntax for an ngFor loop? <ion-list><ion-item ngFor=”let grade in grades”><p>{{grades}}</p></ion-item></ion-list> <ion-list><ion-item *ngFor=”let grades with grade”><p>{{grades}}</p></ion-item></ion-list> <ion-list><ion-item *ngFor=”let grade of grades”><p>{{grade}}</p></ion-item></ion-list> <ion-list><ion-item *ngFor=”let grade of grades”><p>grade</p></ion-item></ion-list>week-9QUESTION 1When a template reference variable is created on a HTML element, what is it’s initial value?The html elementundefinednullThe value of the input0.125 points   QUESTION 2What is the correct code to access the email template reference variable from the component [email protected] emailInput;ViewChild(’email’) emailInput;@ViewChild(’email’) emailInput;@ViewChild email;0.125 points   QUESTION 3What is the way to access the value of an input field which has the template reference variable phone?input.phonephone.valuephone.numberphone0.125 points   QUESTION 4What is the correct way to define a template reference variable email?; ion-input email ;; ion-input let email ;; ion-input #email ;; ion-input var email ;


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