Weber the positive side, capitalism creating various

Weber had a mixed view on the development of capitalism and western forms of formal rationality.

If we look at the positive side, capitalism creating various rational institutions to help the world become develop and become modern. The western society is the real example that Freud was talking about. There are such economic, education and other social organization. But, we look at the negative side, the movement of capitalism does not always perfect.

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For Freud, he concerned that the formal rationality, bureaucrats and capitalist would associate their organization to control the western society and the world (Ritzer, p. 125). Thus, many people will not happy, but only a few rich people and our world society will live with inequality. Similarly with the Bureaucracy is the major type of organization that has emerged in modern, western society has been bureaucracy or bureaucratic administration.

This is the primary way that rational-legal authority has developed informal organizations. For Weber, he argued that the bureaucracy is the power systems that seem to make more freedom to people in society. But in fact, the process of it`s working does not happen at that way it should be.

Weber feared that when the efficiency and other rational system reaching in a very success level, it would allow capitalists, politicians and whoever has powerful to predict the trend of the future. Thus, they will use law, rule and regulation to represent and support their organization.


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