Very event took place back in September, 2013

Very often people don’t have recollections of their day-by-day routine, unless something extra-ordinary happens.

Such events usually leave a perennial imprint in the lives of individuals and teach lessons that are not eclipsed by any other experience.My memory event took place back in September, 2013 when I took part in ‘Model United Nations’. I came to know about the imminent session, arranged by Dhaka University, from one of my friends.

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Quite unconversant with the concept, I went through the details meticulously and decided to give it a go. The theme of the conference was “Empowering Youth for Sustainable Development”. The four day long DUNMUN hosted students from across the country who participated as role-play diplomats for 193 member states of the UN in 10 separate committees. I was selected as a delegate of Austria and my assigned committee was ‘World Health Organization’.

It was the first time that I came to meet the top drawer like UN Resident Coordinator in Bangladesh, Argentina Matavel Piccin and Counselor of Cultural Affairs of the Chinese Embassy in Dhaka Chhen Chung. Throughout the committee session, I had to debate to place logic in favor of my motions raised, supporting the agenda ‘Safe Drinking Water for All’. Moreover, I had to build blocks with other like-minded fellow delegates through negotiation, diplomacy, intensive convincing, and ratiocination. I learnt how maintain appropriate decorum, how to address honorable chair, co-chair and fellow delegates; how to exercise diplomacy while keeping the interest of my assigned country unscathed.

The most important thing was the exhaustive background study about the country. It was not until this event that the fidgety yet challenging world of international diplomacy drew my attention.


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