Unit my colleagues and I are required to

Unit 31.

1? Describe different types of business documents that may be produced and the format to be followed for eachAt focus CareLink I am required to fill out a variety of different types of business documents. Emails can vary in length and depth. When emailing my colleagues I am can follow the simple layout of an email which consists of a subject, brief context and signature whereas when emailing clients I am required to do all this and give more details e.g. date and provide contact information as well as being as sophisticated as possible.

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When I enter and leave my workplace my colleagues and I are required to sign the attendance register with the time of my arrival/departure and signature. Expenses form would contain space with the price of the service / product wanted and the reason and benefit towards the purchase towards it and would also requires to be signed, only with approval of the director are you able purchase the product/service.1.2? Explain the use of different types of information communication technology (ICT) for document production I am required to use different types of ICT to produce different types of documents for example when completing documents such as emails and online forms I would use a computer however sometimes these documents are required to be filled out on paper these documents could either be printed or in some cases faxed. Scanners are important as they are fast and efficient for example when a carer comes in for an interview alongside their applications forms and other documents required a scanner is able to send these documents to where they may be needed.

1.3? Explain the reasons for agreeing the use, content, layout, quality standards and deadlines or document productionDocuments in a business must be completed to a standard or else it may make the company look unprofessional the length of the content varies due to the recipient for example when creating documents for colleagues I am not required to give extra contact information as I would do to clients (carers). This is done in case carers would like to contact the company whereas staff would already know this information. When contacting someone outside the company the quality should be exceptional as you are representing the company and want to keep a good reputation. Also your work may need to be passed on to another person that requires it therefore it is vital that you meet deadlines.

Meeting deadlines also shows that you are responsible and trustworthy.1.4? A/506/1964?1.5- Explain how the requirements of security, data protection, and copyright and intellectual property legislation may affect the production of business documentsWhen producing documents such as files for clients I am only allowed to contract information that is requires and relevant.

During work if I were to use the internet for research purposes I must ensure I do not copy and paste due to copyright and intellectual property legislation. As part of data protection I should produce some documents as pdf files so they cannot be altered with for security purposes. This may make the production of the work more time consuming but nonetheless has to be done for security and to protect client details and info as well as the company’s data.1.6? Explain how to check the accuracy of business documentsWhen producing a business document at work I am required to check the accuracy and have the responsibility to check that all the information given is correct because errors can be misleading and information’s such as dates, times and contact numbers must be accurate or else the errors will cause complications for example providing a client with the wrong contact detail would mean they would not be able to contact the company and vital information may be lost.to heck the accuracy of business documents I am told to always proof read my work and if it’s an important document I would tell my manager to proof read it also check spelling and grammar using spell check.

2.1? Explain how the requirements of security, data protection, copyright and intellectual property legislation may affect the distribution and storage of business documentsThere is procedures put in place when I am sharing documents this means I am required to respect confidentiality as clients are supported with the data protection act. Security impacts the distribution of business documents as I should not keep documents for longer than they are needed and also am not allowed to store them in anyplace other than my workplace securely.

For example I am not allowed to finish unfinished work at home or let document leave the building this will then affect storage and distribution of documents as printing may be limited or restricted. Other storage methods such as USB’s would have to be password protected or encrypted.2.

2? Describe different types of distribution channelsAt Focus CareLink I am required to use many different distribution channels which can range from emailing systems to posting methods such royal mail. Posting methods are usually used to send documents externally for example, application forms to our carers who are our clients and they can send them back via postal services. However we use emailing systems both internally and externally as most our clients prefer the digital option.

Email systems such as Office 365 are very convenient when sending PowerPoint. When distributing documents to other staff I don’t have to always use these channels instead I can hand deliver the documents this is also the case for our clients who can come to our office and return their application forms. In Focus CareLink one method we use is fax which in my opinion is the most fast distribution channel in some cases as it can send an exact copy of a document to another fax and print it out instantly.3.

1? Describe the types of information found in business organisationsThere are many different types of information found at focus care link for example, oral information which consists of presentations, meeting, short meetings or speeches are quick and efficient and do not require much planning in comparison to presentations which need more attention and time, etc. Written information such as letters, notes and memo. Notes and memos are what staff use to communicate with one another. Sometimes information can be presented in the form of graphics.

Graphical information is used at focus care link when presenting information in meetings so it is easy for staff to be able to visualise alongside the PowerPoint used in meeting would include pictorial information which help highlight key points. Numerical information helps point out what needs attention. It usually comes in the form of tables.3.

2? Explain the need for safe storage and efficient retrieval of informationAs a business who has access to lots of peoples personal information Focus Care Link has a responsibility to keep their data safe and prevent it for being exploited Information can be stored on paper documents in cabinets or on a hard drive but the main purpose of storing information is so that it can be retrieved easily in order to do this they have to be completed and stored following procedures this would make sure that they are stored safely for example at work some file which contain personal information of clients are labelled confidential meaning not every staff has access to them, only those required. This procedure has to be followed because of the Data Protection Act and not storing data safely may be a breach of this act. Efficient retrieval of information is important because it adds to the quality of the service. The performance of the company somewhat relies on the retrieval of information because if not done right, it can be very time consuming.3.3? Describe the features of different types of systems used for storage and retrieval of informationFiling cabinets are a quick option to store files as it is a place to store already printed documents and are usually placed nearby you are also able to lock them for security however they can easily be broken into so a more secure alternative would be storing files on a USB stick which password protected.

One disadvantage of a USB stick would be if it were to get lost then all data would also be lost therefore it would also be ideal to have this information backed up to the cloud. Retrieving information from a filing cabinet may be time consuming as you would have to go through many other files before finding the one required in comparison to using a USB stick which you are able to retrieve information with a couple clicks.3.4- Describe the legal requirements for storing business informationI am legally required to make sure confidential information does not get exposed or exploited. When interviewing anyone and extracting information from them they have a right to know who I am, how I am planning on use their personal information as well as seeing if the information is correct. They are protected by the data protection act meaning that it should be stored in a safe place e.

g. filing cabinets should be locked, computers should be password protected and USB’s should be encrypted or password protected also. When I first joined the company I was made to sign a contact agreeing to do all this therefore if I misbehave in the following way then my company will be able to hold me accountable.Unit 5 3.1 ? Identify organisational policies relating to personal developmentAt my work place I am aware that3.

2 ? Explain the need to maintain a positive attitude to feedback on performance3.3 ? Explain the potential business benefits of personal development3.4 ? Identify their own preferred learning style(s)3.5 ? Identify their own development needs from analyses of the role, personal and team objectivesUnit 10 1.1 ? Describe systems and procedures for storing and retrieving informationAt Focus Care Link we use spreadsheets to store the information and progress of our carers as it easy to retrieve the information of all the carers at once rather than individually. I have to make sure that all the information present is valid and up to date therefore I also have to routinely check if the information is correct.

For paper documents we have a filing system which has to be managed and organised and our policy is that we are not allowed to let any files leave the building. We also have lock the filing cabinet and put back files immediate when no longer in use.1.2 ? Outline legal and organisational requirements for information security and retentionBusinesses may have a large amount of storage but nonetheless should they waste this storage on files they no longer require. Legally as a business you should not store personal information of others when it is no longer required therefore you should discard documents you no longer need safely for example; shredding. This would also help keep the companies files more organised and would make it easier to find other files when needed.

1.3 ? Explain how to create filing systems to facilitate information identification and retrievalAt focus CareLink the filing systems which I use are mainly involving client information they are both available electronically or manually. When done electronically, we use a filing system called Quillenium which stores client records, dates, addresses contact details.

To manually create a filing system, you would have to segregate information into categories and then place them in alphabetical or chronological order in order to organise the system efficiently.1 .4 ? Explain how to use different search techniques to locate and retrieve informationWhen using spreadsheets or electronic filing systems it is much easier to locate information as you can type in key information on the search bar and the system will find the closest search which would usually be what you are looking for however in some cases you are able to lose information, if this was to happen I wouldn’t be much of a problem as our files are backed up where you can retrieve this information therefore chances of losing data are very slim. When it comes to manual filing systems you may have to opt to other techniques such as checking other categories in case the file had been misplaced.1.

5 ? Describe what to do when problems arise when storing or retrieving informationWhen I encounter a problem I would first assess the situation and then try and solve it on my own by following all the procedures I have been taught and if I am still in doubt I would ask my manager for assistance. If he is not present at the time I would ask a suitable member of staff who would be able to help.Unit 191.1? Describe organisational policies, procedures and levels of authority in maintaining office equipment Maintaining office equipment and keeping it in a good and hygienic condition is the duty of every staff however when we require new equipment such as printer ink, paper, pens etc. we are required to fill out a form which states what we require and the reason behind as well as including the quantity and then hand it over to the operation manager who will take care of it.

In the case of an accident if I was to break something for example a computer I would have to follow procedure and ill out an accident form and depending on the circumstances the replacement could be deducted out of my wages.1.2? Describe how to use different types of office equipmentIn focus care link I have been taught how to use many different types of office equipment such as computers, printer, photocopier, fax machines, franking machines and scanner.

The computer is need for almost all the tasks I need to complete, I use it mostly to access the internet to find out information, use Microsoft programmes and also writing emails. The printer is used to print out copies of documents from the computer and a photocopier is able copy these documents and reprint them. I fax machine can send important information or copies of documents to other fax machines belonging to other businesses. A franking machine is what we use when preparing documents for postage it prinks out stamps on to envelopes or postage stickers onto parcels. A scanner could be described as the opposite of a printer it takes paper documents and scans them to put them into a computer so that there is a virtual copy.

1.3? Explain the reasons for following manufacturer’s and organisational instructions when operating equipment In order to fully understand the equipment it is best to follow and practice the instruction, this will help you get the most out of the product. The reason the manufacture provides instructions is for the purpose of guidance on how to function the equipment and by not being able to function the equipment can appose as a health and safety risk and put you and others around you in danger. Also, not following instructions may cause the product to break and if the reason towards the product getting damaged was through the failure to follow instructions you will not be covered by the manufacturers guarantee. My organization would tell me to follow instructions given by manufacturers for health and safety reasons. 1.4? Describe the types of equipment faults likely to be experienced and the correct way of dealing with theseWorking with a lot of equipment means faults are bound to happen so it is important when dealing with the issue you identify the issue and take the appropriate action against it.

For example if the printer were to stop working it would need to get fixed promptly as it is needed often so the first step you would take is follow the manufactures instructions which would state if you are able to fix it also if you do not follow these steps then it may invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty and you will be charge for a replacement. If that does not resolve the situation you should inform an appropriate colleague and get them to contact an electrician. These steps also apply when dealing with faults with other equipment such as the scanner, photocopier, franking machine, etc.


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