Uniqueness to significantly outperform other processes. 2 Binder

Uniqueness of Binder jetting over other AM processMany of the manufacturing techniques build parts through welding or melting process, laser or melted material to fuse the material together.

So, a build plate will be required for these processes to maintain the stability of the part. This eventually leads to usage of more material also increasing the manufacturing time for these processes. In Binder Jetting process the parts are supported by the loose powder (left out powder without binding) in the job box. Thus, eliminates the requirement for a build plate.Spreading speeds for Binder Jetting continue to significantly outperform other processes. 2 Binder Jetting can print large parts and is often more cost-effective than other additive manufacturing methods. 3 Another unique character of Binder Jetting process is that it does not handle heat during the manufacturing process.

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Other manufacturing technique use heat source which can cause stress in the formed part. These stresses must be eliminated using another post processing operations.2.3 Advantages• 3D parts can be made in different colours.

• Binder jetting works with almost every material available in powder form 4. Mostly metal, polymers and ceramics.• Binder jetting is faster compared to other additive manufacturing processes.• Variety of binder material and powder combinations is possible in this process. Hence,3D objects with different mechanical properties can be made.2.4 Disadvantages• Due to high speed process, surface finishing process is mostly required.• This is a binding process and the material is glued together making the objects fragile.


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