Topic: planet. Littering is something that has always

Topic: Local RGV ProblemOrganization: Problem – Solution Order Specific Purpose: I would like for my audience to be made aware of what littering can do to the environment and wildlife and how they can help.INTRODUCTIONI. Attention Getter: Litter makes its way into rivers or streams and can affect animals and plants that live in those habitats. Also, as water sources become polluted, the more it cost to treat the water we drink.

II. Relevance: Litter is something that is across the world, it has bad effects to us, the environment and the creatures to this planet. Littering is something that has always been around and we as a community need to stop littering as much as we can to help the environment. III. Credibility: I have done extensive research on littering and have found many shocking statistics and facts on this issue. In addition, my grandmother has been a community helper in her city.

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She and others would spend hours picking up trash from all over the city.IV: Propositional Statement: Litter remains a problem in the United States and in Starr County. Since many people do not know enough information about how litter affects the environment, I propose that we encourage people to create a group community of helpers that are willing to spread across the city picking up trash to help the environment.BODYI. The first part of the problem is that litter is a problematic issue and many communities are affected.

A. Litter is a problem at a nationwide level. 1. At least 51.

2 billion pieces of litter are left on roadways in the United States, an average of 6,729 pieces of litter per mile.2. Littering occurs more often in areas with existing litter and in areas with few trash cans or ash receptacles.

3. Litter costs the nation at least $11.5 billion in direct costs for cleanup and prevention programs. Additional indirect costs include decreased property values, tourism and commerce in litter-blighted areas. B. Litter is a problem on a local level.

1. Illegally dumping massive amounts of tires in acres of land causing health concerns for residents near Rio Grande City.2. Trash and debris litters a number of alleys in Brownsville.

People who live near those alleys want the cleaned up3. Adopt-a-Highway program by a civic group that agreed to clean the litter at least four times a year for two years. The number of volunteer groups in South Texas that have participated since 1991 in the Adopt-a-Highway litter pick-up program has dropped sharply, from more than 200 to 76.

4. Littering in Laredo can bring immediate harm to the city since it gets washed down the river, polluting our only drink source.Transition: Though it is apparent that litter is a significant problem both at a national and local level, it is also clear that many people are uneducated about its effects and how to help or prevent it.II. The second part of the problem is that people do not know enough about its effects and how to help or prevent it. A.

Litter attracts litter. Litter sends out a message that people do not care about their area and that it is acceptable to litter.B. Litter is a threat to public health.

Litter attracts vermin and is a breeding ground for bacteria. Items such as broken glass and syringes can be a health hazard in public places.C. Prevent litter by educating friends, family and reminding others not to litter.

Transition: It is clear that littering is a significant problem that needs to be addressed. A solution is desperately needed. III. The solution I propose is to reduce litter by asking people to help create a group of community of helpers. A. Lobby for more trash receptacles around your town.B.

Educate children about the importance of disposing of trash properly.C. By helping, my grandmother and the other members help their city be less polluted and plants and animals were in healthier condition.

CONCLUSIONTransition: In conclusion….I. Problem Summary: It is apparent that littering remains a problem and people are unaware of its effects.II. Solution Summary: I ask that you consider supporting my proposed solution of encouraging others to create a group of community helpers to pick up trash all around the city.

In doing this, your community will be cleaner, and you will help the environment.III. Memorable Closing: When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breath, only then. You will discover you cannot eat money.


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