Today, I am going to be discussing organ donation, as well as sharing my views and opinions on this subject.
What are some of the major problems our society is facing today? Terrorism? Drugs? Increasing levels in obesity? While these are all very real problems that most of us can’t fix by ourselves, there is one thing we can do which is save the lives of another in need.
Surely, our society has healthcare, and magical medicines but sometimes these are not enough to help a patient. Organ Transplants are one of the
greatest achievements in modern medicine. However, they depend entirely
on the generosity of donors and their families.
Surely every compassionate person should jump at the chance, to donate their gift of life when they die! We should all be united in realising the massive positive effect a simple donor organ can have on a community! Then conclusively, looking at it from this angle, every human alive would feel it his or her unquestionable duty to donate
their organs when they die?