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To let our knowledge about what really happened during the time that Japanese colonized the Philippines to only be about the generalization of what really happened would be equated to keeping oneself in the dark of what really had happened in those dreadful times (Vaflor, 2018). The cited related literatures mostly provided general information about what happened during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines. Thus, for a new perspective, this research primarily aims to provide a local perspective through highlighting a certain locality in Nueva Ecija. The researchers have thoroughly sought for possible primary sources to be able to extract the closest possible order of events and raw experiences which have led them to the people of Linglingay, Science City of Munoz.

With that, the researchers, sought to provide the said locality its history as a contribution in discovering its identity before and during the Japanese colonization. It is to remember what the people had experienced to able to learn from it in the present times and apply in future situations. In addition, high school students are usually instructed to ask and gather information regarding the first hand experiences of their grandparents about a certain event which had happened in the past including the Japanese colonization in the Philippines. Therefore, this research sought to provide the academe as well as the locality a significant research about its history and to be able to be the catalyst for local researchers to further know the history behind their own localities.

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The Japanese occupied the Philippines decades ago. It occurred between the period of 1942 and 1945 during the Second World War In just three years of taking over the country, the Japanese done several attacks on different parts of the country such as in Pampanga and Zambales. Those three years have caused devastation among lives and properties of Filipinos (Hartendorp, A., 1967).According to Garcia, C.

, (2015), the Philippines being a battlefield of the Japanese and the United States was because of the fact that on that time, the country is an ally of the US. The Japanese took over the control on the country when they win during the world war. This means that the Philippines became the prize for the Japanese as they win the fight of the United States of America.Several damages in the country were caused by the tyranny of the Japanese imperium. Women experienced to be molested and children experienced trauma during the days that the Philippines are fighting for its freedom. Just like what Smith M.

, (2015) wrote, “No more than empty words to conceal Colonial violence and discrimination”. The second invasion of Japanese in the Philippines is an experience of painful war years, though only those with high names are usually have the credits, Cities, Municipalities and even barangays are part of the history that must be heard and published. These barangays, cities and provinces that served as the hidden battlefields of the Japanese and Filipino rebels are now covered with grass, houses and people and are very unrecognizable as what it looks like during the war. Just what is written in the article of America’s Hidden Battlefields: Protecting the Archeological Story, “No battlefield stands today exactly as it did at the time of war.

” The effects brought by the people who colonized the country and their wrongdoings in the lives of the people in these hidden battlefields should be disclosed to the people of the next generations. Because according to Hymes, P., (2004), broader interpretation needs to impose as the history did not happen in just one place but history happened everywhere.

The essence of understanding the history is the appreciation of what took place and preserving or to seek important pieces of history long-ago that lies in hidden places that show the landscape of reality decades ago that are more than just a memory. In effect of this conclusion, the researchers came up with the study titled “Linglingay in the Dusk of Japanese Imperium: A Hidden Battlefield,” which aims to provide first-hand information about the effects of Japanese Colonization in the lives of the locals of Linglingay and its participation in history as a hidden battlefield.


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