To really have a better understanding behind

To go further in to detail and really have a better understanding behind marriage in todays’ society, as a class we were all to collaborate amongst ourselves to put together a survey in which we could use as an instrument to interview five couples- ten individuals. The task was limited and the questionnaire added up to twenty-four unique and bold questions that the individuals asked could either answer or refuse to answer.

Each question consisted of either short answer responses and even long ones. We were instructed not to write any names down and keep all answers given to us confidential and anonymous. Once each of us had the opportunity to put our final survey questionnaire to use, we counted the answers to each question and brought the total to class. Some of the questions involved in the questionnaire where, “Do you respect your spouse?”, “Do you ever think about divorce?”, and “What is your secret for sustaining your marriage? Explain.”

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