To begin with

To begin with, my name is Micarjo Benjamin, and I’m an 8th grade student at Washington. My parents are from Haiti and I was born in Orlando, Florida while my dad was deployed. My dad is in the U.S Army, so we move around quite a bit. As an Army child in a sense, I’ve grown up pretty diversely and experienced many different cultures, one of which was the Japanese culture during the time my family and I lived there. Going on this trip would expose me to even more things, and give me the chance to learn more about the history of our country.
I feel this scholarship would be extremely beneficial to me so I can attend this trip. Going on this trip would benefit me because I will be gaining knowledge about the places big decisions are made and the different monuments that hold importance to our country. This would help me in my future by making me more educated on how the political system works.
The reason I feel I deserve this scholarship is because I have always been a responsible and hard worker, as well as a very driven person.