To be consistent means to follow some

To be consistent means to follow some chosen direction. Go to the intended goal. We can put ourselves any goal. All the fibers of the soul want to achieve this goal, but that’s bad luck – no matter how hard we try, but it does not work out.

How to learn to be consistent?In my thoughts everything is simple: “I want to achieve success in life!” – The goal. And the ways to achieve this goal – consistency and willpower! It is difficult of course, but doable. Just don’t think that you set yourself a goal, wrote an action plan, sat in a comfortable chair, took something for a snack, turned on the TV or computer – and you wait, when the goal by itself will be achieved.

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Don’t wait! Because to achieve the goal it is necessary to strive, you have to work hard and with consistency. You decided, for example, to learn Spanish: buy methodical literature; sign up for courses; get a rule for yourself to speak Spanish (at least at home); Watch movies in this language, or better start reading foreign literature in the original.For each small victory learn to make yourself small gifts, praise yourself, any failure perceive not as the collapse of all hopes and dreams, but as an experience. After all, you are looking for different ways to go to your goal, sometimes it takes years, sometimes it happens in a few hours! The main thing is for you to positively look at everything that happens, determine your priorities and be in harmony with yourself – this is the main thing!Never despair, because you must always be positive and with a smile to perceive all the failures. Most importantly, you must clearly answer yourself: “What exactly do you want?” To formulate correctly your goal, without using negative pretexts “not.” For example, “I don’t want so many loans” – more will come to you.

You should say: “I am worthy of wealth and prosperity” – all the benefits will immediately open before you.Never drop your hands, don’t say that nothing happens, there are situations when you are morally just exhausted, you do not see the goal, you are tired, the strength of spirit and will is exhausted. But! Relax, give yourself a break, and pamper yourself with what was forbidden for a long time.

After a while, you again realize that to achieve the goal you are ready to fight again. Then take on yourself with a new energy, with renewed vigor! You will see how easy everything will go forward.Of course, it’s easy to talk about it, it’s much harder to start acting, it’s even more difficult to continue acting when it would seem that no one believes in your strength, and even does not believe it.

In vain, look back, see how much you have already done, which way was already overcome. Don’t you feel sorry for the effort? Believe in yourself, in your abilities, in achieving your goal, consistently and clearly carry out your plans, then you will not have to be disappointed, you will not have to start again. Know that one day you will be able to say: “I was able, I achieved, I did everything to make this happen and I’m not ashamed, because I did not back down!” Your family will be proud of you, those who did not believe will be jealous in your strength; you yourself will be in the euphoria of positive emotions, when you reach the desired!


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