Title: Understanding theories of relationships and social

Title: Understanding theories of relationships and social networks1.1 Key principles of relationship theories – Stage theories in general describe how we go through distinct stages as we develop. Thus, rather than gradually changing, we typically make sudden shifts to different plateaus of perception and behaviour. Relationships go through a series of stages as they mature. Levinger’s model has ABCDE stages.

A = Acquaintance/attraction. We meet other people and feel an initial attraction, often based on physical beauty and similarity.B = Build-up. We become increasingly interdependent as we reveal more and more about our private selves. We get irritated by one another, but the more pleasant aspects may well keep the relationship going.

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C = Continuation/consolidation. Longer-term commitments are made – strength coming from partner allowing a person to explore ways to expand into new territories.- trust.- goals are the same, even though the ways of expressing them may be different.- each brings healing into the other through depth and security.- the relationship causes person to create a new dynamic based on the future rather than on what has been known in the past.

(ref: taken from https://www.bartleby.com/essay/Understand-theories-of-relationships-and-social-networks-PKJ5CFRJVC)1.2 2.1 some of the benefits that come when having a supportive relationship are that it’s a confidence booster and increase our self -worth there is many different forms of a supportive relationship eg family, friends and partners its is our job as support workers to help individuals keep up with supportive relationships 2.

2 when someone has a supportive relationship it gives off a positive effect and it’s the same when an individual has a difficult or dysfunctional but it’s the opposite effect its has a negative impact on the individual well being and in turns effect there day to day life with feeling a low self-worth and low confidence.2.3 having a supportive relationship has benefits like increasing self-worth and happiness if you have a partner who you can trust and they can trust you that can give you a sense of periplus having a good group of friends or close family members you can count on can stress levels and in turn make your day to day life better. Having a dysfunctional relationship will have the opposite affect e.g. can cause a low self-worth/ self-esteem and a high stress level in turn this can affect your day to day life and could affect meatal health.

3.1 every relationship has its up and downs. Normally at the start of a positive relationship everything is good, and you have a high level of self-worth as your progress within the relationship you start to trust your partner more and in turn put more presser on them if the feelings are mutual between the two parties the overall feeling will be a positive one but that is not the case some times the relationship will turn dysfunctions and this could be due to many things eg no longer in love to much stress/ pressure no trust in the relationship which will in turn cause a negative feeling and cause the partnership to come to an end 3.2 A) social factor: relationships can be made in a social factor setting eg having a big social group you can get introduced to new people but in the same sense relationships can breakdown due to social factors example having two groups or friends due to other people not getting on with each other this can cause a negative effect and cause a high level of stress due to trying to balance seeing each group equal. B) Economic factors: if your are a low-income family house hold stress level could be at a high due to money worries around not being able to afford the best for your family e.

g. healthy food witch can lead to weight gain and high blood pressure also a low self-worth due to not being able afford holiday or being in debt which leads to restless night and can have a negative affect on your life C) cultural factors : every individual has the right to follow any religion this wish to follow and as support workers its out job not to judge of push our religious beliefs and that goes the other way round due to every one being entitled to their own beliefs but not every one sees it life this and many problems around the world is due to religion and people feel like they are being treat the same ( know saying blanket punishment) which can cause a negative effect on that individual D) psychological factors: in other terms a person mental sate of mind if an individual has a poor level of mental health this in turn could lead to a poor level of physical health by not looking after themselves e.g.

not keeping on top of their person hygrine can lead to infections which could lead to the loss of employment or even loss of their relationship with their panther E) physical factors: when a individual have a high lever of physical health this in turn give the individual a good mental health one way to achieve both is by doing regular exercise this benefits a person health is a good way and when we exercise our bodies releases a chemical in our brain called endorphins which is class a “feel good chemical” it only takes 15mintures of exercise for our bodies to releases this chemical this is why when in times of stress or bad moods it is advised to go for a walk due to releasing the endorphins and makes you more level headed when problem solving


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