Title: individuals feeling and living safely. As I

Title: support individuals to live at home when an individual lives in their own home there is many different benefits to this promoting independence and reusability these being the most important.

Many other benefits like self-worth and self-esteem individuals feeling and living safely. As I have been a support work for over 3 years I have worked in a lot of different services e.g. outreach where the individual has the skills to live on there over in a house were staff come and support them for a few hours around what they need but. Supported living complex’s apartments were and individual has their own apartments and there our housing agreements and live on their own, but they have staff on site 24/7 for any needs they require and also house share were multipli individual who live together but have their own space if needed/ wanted to be on their own. By individuals living in their own home it teaches them day to day skills and responsibilities there is many different parties who would be involved like support workers whose job would be to support individual in to living in a safe manner and to support the individuals needs like medication admiatrestion meal prep shopping cleaning day to day life and needs of the individuals. There is team leaders and service manage who are there to deal with the needs of the individuals flies and finances and the staff who support them e.

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g. training requirements. There is then the housing office who is there to help you understand your housing argument and if there are any jobs that need doing in your house social workers who are they to make sure that the hours you have are enough to make sure you have the right level of support for you to live indendpleanty as possible.It is important for the individual to provide with the right information around what benefits they are entitled to this if they have capacity if they are deemed not to have capacity a social/ family member will take on this role as an a fincnianl appointee to make sure the individual has all the required needs they are entitled to. To help them live in there own home.

If they have capacity around this support staff support individuals to keep in control of they finances and in turn this help the individual feel empowered and stay happy and comfortably in there own home. Risk management or as I know them as risk assessments are used to identity the level of risk and how to reduce the level of risk identified and to take sensible measures to minimize the risk level to find a safe and suitable way for individuals to live safely as possible each individual has different level of needs therefor there will be different levels of risk to the individuals these will be document and put into their support plans which staff with need to read and sign to say they have understand the risk assessment each risk assessment should be done with the individual and explained fully to them about the risk and what they can do to minimize the level staff are required to safely manage risks associated with personal care, manual handling tasks, meeting the individuals preference for maintaining their independence and living at home and to gaining access to and ensuring the security of the individuals home. 2.

1 we can use active participation to identify the strengths of an individuals and their existing skills that ables them live independently in their own homes. By supporting and using active participation we can ensure that the individuals is using the rights to take part in activities and any relationship that they want in their day to day life and to live it as independently as possible. Each individual needs may differ but they may include any of these: physical, financial, personal, social, environmental and safety. By using active participation, we know how the individual wants to receive their support and what goals they want to set and achieve this helps build the confidence and skills.

2.2 An individual’s needs may change over time and to identify with a individuals needs that might require a different level of support we need to speak to the individual their family and the their GP as this can give us different was of have to delivery support that they need some barriers that mite accrue for example an individual’s mobility was fine and now due to an operations the individuals needs have changed as his mobility level is now different therefor a new assessment would need to be done for the individuals needs to be meet. As support workers we have a duty of care for the individuals and if we notice any changes to the individuals health we must inform the manager and seek advice on how to deal with the situation in a way that would that the individual would understand.5.

2 if an individuals needs change for example a need diagnose of mental health degradation e.g. dementia was made an individual needs would change due to that they are going to forgot how to do things they once did befor the skills level would change and there more there support level would increase so that the individual can live as independently as possible.


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