Throughout decisions. We are always implicating ourselves within

Throughout our lives, we are always making tough decisions. We are always implicating ourselves within dilemmas, and by nature, questioning ourselves and decisions. The Road Not Taken and Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening both written by Robert Frost suggest that in spite of the decisions we make in life, we shall forever rue upon not making a different decision and taking the other path.In the poem The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost has exhorted me to consider a commonly foreshadowed side to human nature. How inherently, mankind will forever regret on missing out things in life. The story is set out on a morning stride into the forest where the author faces a crossroad leading to two completely different paths.

The “two roads diverged” are then metaphorically alluded to being the decisions we make in life, where each path correlates to a different outcome, thus he must decide assiduously. Seemingly, Frost chooses path in which is less commonly taken. He then proceeds to express a sense of regret on not taking the other path, giving us the impression that by disposition as species, we deem our own lives too short. Hence, we attempt to compensate by trying to make the most of our lives. However, this just leads to even more regret from questioning our own decisions, as it is impossible to achieve everything in a lifespan.

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The phrase “then took the other, as just as fair” insinuates that the other road is just as good as the road that he took, and potentially “having perhaps the better claim”. This further vindicates that he simply cannot take one path without developing compunction and a feeling of making the wrong choice. Subsequently, we are able to fathom a “road” as being a metaphor for “life”. As we encroach upon the last stanza, we see Frost reflecting upon his own life from the perspectives of the decisions that he has made. He talks from the perspective of one whom has surpassed the stage of one’s life where the decisions were to be made, and one that is fully aware of and acknowledges the path in which he has taken.

Frost’s actions have thereby challenged me to ruminate upon my decisions in which I have taken. Whether I, like Frost have thus far opted for the correct road in my life as I do not currently forsee the regret fraught within a one-sided sacrifice.Similarly, in another one of Frost’s famous poems Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, the author is also left alone to determine his own path. Whilst in blah blah has taught me this, this has taght me this


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