This Hundred. (LeCaire 2013, p. 23) Yet,

This was a big ask which put tremendous stress on a city with a proud democratic record. In addition, The Four Hundred oligarchs 411BC that were pulled from the aristocratic portion of Athenian society had been put into power foreshadowing the upheaval that was to follow. This government however, only lasted a few months as the contention between moderate and extremist oligarchs became a leading cause in the failure of The Four Hundred. (LeCaire 2013, p.

23) Yet, in 404BC under Sparta’s order, thirty men were chosen among the oligarchs in Athens to create an oligarchic constitution. Lysander, a Spartan general, cooperated and helped to instigate the establishment of the Thirty and supported this movement. The aim of the Thirty was to arrange the laws of Athens in order to form a new constitution that would (with the support of Sparta) be more favourable to conservatives against the more radical democratic faction. Plato commented that the oligarchy of the Thirty made the previous democratic government look like gold in comparison. (Epist.

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7.324d) This was a period of political corruption as the Thirty led a brutal campaign oppressed, intimidated, punished and installed fear in the Athenian citizens who supported democracy. Nevertheless, out of the thirty men who compromised this council, Critias was known to be the most cruel out of all the members and had been a participant in the oligarchic reign of The Four Hundred.


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