This causes property damage but also causes short-

This essay is about why and how we should stop bullying in our schools and how it would not just benefit the children, but it will also help bring down suicide drastically. The topics I will talk about in this paper is how to stop bullying, how to respond, how bullying doesn’t just affect the victim but the bystanders as well and how it will bring down suicide drastically but to also help students feel safe and protected in their schools.

First paragraph is focusing on bullying and the different kinds. Bullying is the act of seeking to do harm or humiliate the victim. “The first kind of bullying is physical. Physical bullying is when they hit, kick or causes property damage but also causes short- or long-term damage. The second is verbal, this consists of racist slurs, intimidation or even humiliation. The third is social, this one consists of one’s reputation or humiliation to the person. The fourth is cyber, this one is when the person who is using the internet to reach someone who they make the victim.

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They can use the internet to send hurtful texts, gossip” (found in National Centre Against Bullying) or imitating someone they can trust to get sensitive or private information to use against the other as leverage. The percentage of people who were bullied and are bullies varied between grades. The kids from “sixth through tenth thirty percent of them were involved in bullying in some way or another. Then sixth through ninth and tenth together thirteen percent were involved. Ten-point six percent were victims of bullying, six point three were bullies and victims, while the other six point three were physical”. (States Dr. Sylvia Rimm from Family Achievement Clinic Educational Assessment Service, Inc).

These are just a few of the other types of bullying, these are the most common that are seen in school otherwise seen as public for a “show” to the bully and some of the bystanders or on the internet where it can reach more people in less amount of time it takes for it to gather a crowd.Second paragraph will be focusing on how bullying should be approach and how should it be responded to by teachers and parents. One way to approach bullying for “schools is to have more adults watching in the hallways, take immediate action” (States Deborah J. Thomas) and follow through with the school policies such as expulsion and so on. How should parents approach bullying with their children is talk and listen to the children, spend time at school, be an example, talk about bullying and make sure they understand it.

The most important thing to do is to make sure you talk to the children, make them feel safe and make them feel like they are being heard and listened to.


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