There are many similarities between high school and college but yet it is a big step from high school to college

There are many similarities between high school and college but yet it is a big step from high school to college. High school graduates should brace themselves for drastic changes before they go to college. high school is a teaching environment in which a student learns some skills and knowledge. university is a learning environment where students will think and take responsibility with their knowledge.
one important difference is relation with people. in high school, you know everyone in your class but in university, you are lucky if you know one person in you class. In college classes are crowded and there is usually no unity among people. so it is more difficult to get to know and communicate with people in college than in high school. In college, people sometimes contact you just to ask for your notes. so you can often miss your warm, intimate friendship relationships in high school. but that does not mean that you will not have a college friend anyway.
Another difference between high school and university is you get to live with your friends in college. You have tol ive with your parents in high school. There are many difficulties as well as many beauty of living apart from the family. there may be a lot of features that your roommate does not fit you. you may need to ignore some things. dealing with strangers will not always be easy but it is still a good thing to learn keep up and to struggle against difficulties. you will see that the troubles you experience make you grow.
Finally, in high school, you worried about what “looked” cool but in college, you’re too busy to care about what other people think. there may be times when your courses start very early, when your assignments accumulate, or when you take a few exams on the same day. such situations are very common in college. so people usually go about their own business. you may still encounter an opposite situation.
although high school and college are educational environment there are too many difference between them. you will face with many difference from your lessons to your friend relationships. it is up to you to adjust to these differences or to struggle with.