There better dirk bikes or atvs?Atvs are

There are good things for dirt bikes and there are good things for atvs. It just matters which one fits you. Neither one is better one is better than the other. Both are great for family if you like going off road or just riding on the roads.

Dirt bikes are for getting that rush of thrill, atvs is for having a chill ride or hauling things. Which one is better dirk bikes or atvs?Atvs are not that safe there is a false sense of security and when you try to do something crazy you get hurt. There are a few good things about atvs they stay in season. This means you can ride in light snow or on ice you can’t do that with a dirt bike.

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The price on atvs is a lot more than dirt bikes but if you want to have a nice ride around the farm or on a trail an atv is were to good. With atvs they are easy to learn to ride and you can take two passengers on a atv.Dirt bikes are a lot safer than atvs. Lots of people get broken bones from riding dirt bikes but its not from the bike it’s were they get thrown off. A dirt bike only weighs 200 pounds so they don’t hurt you as bad as a 1,000 pound atv.

Dirt bikes cost less than an atv to . They can ride on a track, also like riding on little trails over the mountain’s something atvs cant. Dirt bikes are easy to haul and they are much faster than atvs.There are good thing about atvs there are bad things about atvs. Dirt bikes has lots of good thing but the also have bad things.

If you are an off road ride around type then an atv is great for you. If you want a easy to haul love to ride fast and jump hills a birk bike is waiting on you. Which is better atvs or dirt bikes.


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