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There are 5 stages which a consumer decision making process always goes through when they are considering a buy a goods or services. First, problem or need recognition. The consumer is able to recognize what the need and problem , what kind of product would be able to meet this need. Then, Information Search is a stage in the Consumer Decision Process during which a consumer seek for internal searches that from consumer’s memory or recollection of a product, oftentimes triggered or guided by personal experience or external search that from word of mouth from friends and family or public sources, e.

g.: online forums, consumer reports, sales- person, television advertising and company websites are examples of non-personal sources that are marketer dominated. Especially when a person’s previous experience is limited or deemed inefficient. information.So,when the customer aims to seek the value in a prospective product or service.

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During this time, the options available to the consumer are identified or further clarified. Furthemore, consumers will be evaluate all of their goods and brand options or overall category on a scale of attributes which have the ability to deliver the benefit that match their need. Also,attitude and the degree of involvement could be significantly influence consumers. When the customer involvement is high, they will be evaluate several brands, perhaps if it’s low, they may look at only one brand.In addition, the consumer may form an intention to purchase the most preferred brand after they had evaluated all the alternatives and value that it will bring them. During this step, the customer will considering some factor. For example: from whom they should buy, which is influenced by previous experience, price, awareness of the seller, terms of sale as well as the return policy.

This is also a time during the which the consumer might decide against making the purchase decision.Last but not least, Post-purchase behavior is the final stage when the customer assesses whether he is satisfied or dissatisfied with a purchase. It can significantly influence whether they will purchase the product again or consider other products within the brand.


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