The the right place creates harmony with other

The use of one colour here from ceiling to floor with neutral grey prevents from not looking boring.

Texture enhances the object or structure’s interior. It adds interest in interior design and stimulates creativity. Texture can both be felt and seen. Adding textured cushions gives a feeling of comfort.The stone-wall adds weightiness to a room. The thick rug gives warmer statement. The use of different texture in this image complements each other.

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Furniture helps cover up the space and bring function to the interior space. The right choice of furniture gives a room it’s own personality such as bedroom, bathroom, dining room etc. Too much furniture can crowd a room. The use of different texture and form into this room makes it luxurious. The variety of furniture placement divides zones. The classic furniture brings beauty to the modern room. Objects provide details in a room and show the owner’s personality.

The right object on the right place creates harmony with other elements in interior space. Adding candles and flowers complements aesthetics of the room. The large colourful painting on a white wall with plane white dining creates visual interest and vase in the corner as accessory looks fascinating.


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