The tasks throughout the four phases so that

The Unified Process is a software development process which uses an iterative and incremental way of developing a system or product. UP is use case driven. Use cases are a sequence of actions performed by one or more actors and the system to create some result. UP is also architecture centric meaning that the central backbone of the project, the architecture, is focused on in all phases of development. UP is split up into four phases inception, elaboration, construction and transition. The phases are built up of different tasks business modeling, requirement gathering, analysis and design, implementation, testing and deployment.

The idea of being iterative and incremental is about incorporating the tasks throughout the four phases so that tasks are done sequentially but are constantly worked on. Another characteristic of UP is that it is risk focused. Risks are addressed early on in the process of development so that the risks do not become more intricate over time.

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The way UP is executed is visualized below in figure ?.


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