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The story Miss Peregrine’s Home of Peculiar Children is a fantasy fiction book about a boy named Jacob.

Jacob grew up listening to the stories his grandfather would tell him. His grandfather would specifically tell him about a story about his grandfather living in a children’s home on an island. The children in the children’s home however each had a power that made them peculiar. As Jacob got older many people made him believe that his grandfather’s stories were just fiction.

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One day Jacob finds his grandfather in the woods, where his grandfather claims says that he was attacked by a monster. His grandfather tells Jacob that he must go to island of the children’s home. Jacob and his father go to the island, so Jacob can learn about his grandfather’s past while Jacob’s father can study birds. One day Jacob goes out to find the home, but he finds that it has been destroyed by a bomb from the war happening in 1943. Jacob was very confused since he found a letter from Miss Peregrine that was written recently. Jacob decides to go back to the house where he finds some pictures of the children that lived there.

He notices that he is being watched by 6 children, who keep asking if he’s Abe which is his grandfather’s name. Jacob decides to chase them into a little cave place where he finds himself in 1943 on September 3rd. Jacob is then captured by Emma and Millard, two children that are peculiar. The kids take Jacob back to the house to meet Miss Peregrine. Jacob finds that the house isn’t demolished and is full of peculiar children. All of the children in the house realized that Jacob was Abe’s grandson and not Abe. Soon Miss Peregrine meets Jacob.

She tries to tell Jacob as much as she can about the home and the children. Miss Peregrine then explains that she is peculiar and what her power is. Miss Peregrine has the power to change into a bird and manipulate time. Miss Peregrine then explains that she created a loop so the peculiar children can live there.

The loop causes Miss Peregrine to reset the day of September 3rd, 1943. She resets the day right before the bomb is dropped on the house. Jacob starts to feel at home and gets close to all of the children. Miss Peregrine and the children decide to tell Jacob the truth about them being peculiar. Since they are peculiar the children are hunted by monsters called Hollowgasts. Hollowgasts are the remains of peculiar people that tried to leave the loop so they could become immortal. Hollowgasts eat peculiar children allowing them to take on a similar appearance of their human form.

One day Miss Peregrine is told by a friend that hollows and wights are out to capture people just like Miss Peregrine. Jacob notices a strange bird that has been watching them, which worries Miss Peregrine. Miss Peregrine then tells Jacob that he’s peculiar, and that he can see hollows like his grandfather could.

Later Jacob is left with a choice to either stay in the loop or leave and never return, because danger has occurred in the present on the island. Instead Jacob and some of the children sneak out to stop the hollow before it gets them. They kill the hollow, but they are then stopped by a wight who has been tracking them for years. The wight then reveals that he has been in Jacob’s life many times as different people.

Jacob and the kids then fight another hollow. When they killed it they realized that the wight went into the loop to capture Miss Peregrine. Hey find out that the wight is trying to start an immortality experiment, which is why he needed people that had the same powers as Miss Peregrine. Jacob tries to stop the wight with a gun, but Miss Peregrine was already dropped in the ocean. The children save Miss Peregrine, but they couldn’t get her friend.

Miss Peregrine was damaged by the wight which made her stuck in her bird form. There was no one to keep the loop going so the house is bombed and time continues on to September 4th ,1943. Jacob and the children made the decision to go and search for the other wights so they can stop the immortality experiment.

Jacob goes back ti the present to tell his dad that he is leaving. Jacob decides to bring some of the children as proof that his grandfather’s stories were true. Jacob and the children then leave on a ship sailing away from the island using a map that has all of the existing time loops.

KglkAre you a person who loves fictional stories? How about fictional fantasies? Do love characters that have powers? If you said yes to any of these questions then you may be interested in Miss Peregrine’s Home of Peculiar Children. This book was very interesting to read. I like to read fictional stories, but I don’t think I’ve specifically read a fictional fantasy. Usually when I read I have a hard time focusing, because I may not be interested in the book, but when I read this book I stayed completely focused. The characters were very interesting which kept my attention. The plot of the story also kept my attention.

The book was interesting because the main character Jacob was told stories about this home full of peculiar children by his grandfather. When Jacob goes to visit this home and finds out that he is peculiar it makes the story even more interesting. The kids also get into some action which can really keep someone’s attention, because fighting with supernatural powers can be very interesting. All if the kids also had many cool powers which was interesting to learn about has we were introduced to the different characters.

It was also interesting when the wight came and explained that he had been watching them and then told the kids about the immortality experiment and why he was capturing Miss Peregrine. When I read this part I was on the edge of my seat, because I didn’t know if the kids would be able to save Miss Peregrine. The ending of the book was also very interesting. It tells you that Jacob decides to go save all of the people captured by wights so the immortality experiment can be stopped. It kind of left you on a cliffhanger, because you don’t know if Jacob successfully stopped the experiment not.

They did this though, so you can go read the other parts of the other books. After reading this book I’m probably going to read the others to see what happens. I am a very imaginative person, so books that have a lot of imagination in it can be really interesting and fun to read, which will help keep me focused.

If you are an imaginative person, you may also like this book and I suggest that you read it.


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