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The shopping experienceOne of the reasons why customer prefer to shop online rather than manually is that the internet gives the customer the chance to get their special and best deals. This is how the social e-commerce attract their customers. They can immediately search for the promotions and coupons prices provided from different retailers. And the buyer doesn’t not to worry about the availability of the items that are difficult to source and through immediate delivery.

Faster and secure paymentsTechnologies have made smooth purchases in online stores. Customers can buy products safely by using their debit or credit cards. New technologies and websitesE-tailers are upgrading their website, product availability and display, easy and safe transactions. Offer the facilities to view the product like zoom in and out, change colours and size. It helps consumers to gain the confidence to purchase through online.

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More extensive informationOnline shopping provides more and clear product information compare rather than available stores. Consumers can research, read reviews and comment from other consumers to take decision before purchase the product they want.No crowdsDuring festivals and special events, in normal stores can be such a huge number of peoples.

During this time not only crowd will be an issue plus, parking becomes a big problem for the consumers. Sometimes, this crowd can make us feel rush and hurried. All of these problems can be avoided when we do online shopping.


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