“The an examination of the unconscious mind

“The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” is set in a place called the normal world, but it is connected to a mystical, theoretical world. The poem is an examination of the unconscious mind since the poem has fantasy aspects within it. Things that are physical come into contact with the nonphysical.

The wedding guest and the Pilot are in the world and the Mariner is imprisoned between the two worlds.Coleridge used techniques such as personification and recurrence to produce either a sense of peril or peace depending on the mood of the different parts of the poem. In the Ancient Mariner’s story, the spiritual and progressive worlds are confused the moment the sailors cross over the equator. Unexpectedly the natural world makes the sailors lose the sense of their course and the hurricane drives them into a frozen world that is called “the land of mist and snow” during the rest of the poem. From the mist arose an Albatross, and the sailors esteemed it as a sign of good luck as if it were a “Christian soul” sent by God to save them. The Ancient Mariner guns the Albatross to prove that it is not a soul that brings good luck.

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The Albatross is then tied to the spiritual world, and the Ancient Mariner’s faces punishment by the spiritual world through the natural world


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