The by the case study NIKE CHINA

The research methodology and philosophy is based on idealist ontology and interpretivist epistemology. The research used a mixed methods measure up to both qualitative and quantitative data through the questionnaires answers, in-depth interviews, field observations and provide by company materials. The data was analysed using a phenomenological measure to focusing on the phenomena uncovered by the research through deductive thematic analysis and accordingly identifying contents from the discoveries.

In the discovery chapter mentioned the data uncovered from the various research methods in detail. The first chapter explains the sample, and then particularly focuses on the main contents and discoveries from the interviews. The second chapter reviews the discovers relating to the integrated marketing communication material used by the case study NIKE CHINA company. The discussions chapter gives a comprehensive analysis of the literature review and the discoveries from the data collection to give a detailed interpretation of the theoretical concepts in relation to the applied international business market and Chinese market. The role of Chinese culture in interpretation of the different styles of communication mentioned in this research thesis. The introduction specified a summary of the research case study to be able to give a synopsis of the in-depth literature, research methodology, findings and discussions. This research case study will merit to people who want to communicate Chinese customer in the efficiently way.

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This research also aimed to advance integrated marketing communication guidelines for international corporate or brand extend the market in China or entering the Chinese market. The literature review to lead specific describe more clarify the theories and research findings relevant in order to demonstrate a structure for the study.


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