The carbon-rich organic materials. Throughout the course

The purpose of this experiment is to determine which of three products will decompose faster, given that the three products are made of starch, bagasse, and polylactic acid.

In this experiment, I will be placing three biodegradable materials weighing at 1.5 grams each into a compost bin that contains both nitrogen-rich and carbon-rich organic materials. Throughout the course of this experiment, the compost bin will be kept indoors, at temperatures ranging from 21 to 24 degrees Celsius. All three materials that I will be testing will be labeled, tied to a string, and placed near the center of the compost bin. The test items and the compost bin will be checked weekly, and the experiment will conclude after 5 weeks. At this time, the three test materials will be weighed on a digital scale and data will be gathered. The material that has the biggest difference in weight will be considered the easiest to decompose.

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I expect to learn what the most optimal biodegradable material for the environment, denoted by the speed it takes to decompose. I predict that the starch material will decompose the fastest.


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