The policies, especially regarding Middle East because

The postmillennialists believe that the holy Jesus will return after Millennium Golden age and before the final judgement. Jesus is now active through the agency of church and in gradual manner through benevolent and spiritual influence of Christian Church the world will get rid of poverty, disease, crime, war.

The world must eventually accomplish ideals expressed in Old and New Testament prophecies and after that Jesus will come before the final Judgement. The Roman Catholic Church maintains amillennial believes while a huge number of churches of Reformed tradition accepts postmillennialism interpretations of end time prophecies. The division of postmillennialism and premillennialism ideologies provides a lens, which helps to understand the policies of different countries.

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In reality the eschatological believes are the main driving force behind the policies, especially regarding Middle East because as we mention earlier the Middle East is the epicenter of all eschatological literature.


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