The close to becoming endangered. The population status

The population of the Indian Rhinoceros is close to becoming endangered. The population status of the Indian Rhinoceros is vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. In May 2007, there was a population of about 2,600 Indian Rhinoceros left in India.

The population has decreased due to poaching and habitat loss. National parks are improving security and are reducing poaching of the Indian Rhinoceros and other species in national parks with the help of park rangers. While poachers are hunting down species, park rangers are protecting them.

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In the Chinese tradition, Chinese poachers believe that the horn of an Indian Rhinoceros is a cure for cancer. Other poachers hunt the rhino’s horn for money. A rhinoceros horn can cost as high as $100,000/kg to $500,000/kg.

The Indian Rhinoceros is also losing their habitat to the grazing of livestock. The conservation efforts made for the Indian Rhinoceros has helped increase the population of Indian Rhinoceros slightly. Many non-governmental and governmental organizations of India and Nepal have taken part in protecting the Indian Rhinoceros by starting new parks and improving security with park rangers. The Indian Rhinoceros is brought in to a national park for protection from poachers. Park rangers are given permission from the government to shoot poachers or anyone in the park during the night time.

Protected parks are stories of conservation success.


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