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The Night at the FairThe fair is usually built around children selling them fantasy and making all of their dreams come true. But children weren’t the only ones who dreams came true this night at the fair. Ding! Ding! Ding! I woke up to the loud sound of my alarm clock telling me it was time to get up for school. The day started up like all the others until i smelled and unfamiliar fragrance of hot sizzling bacon and thick, buttery pancakes soaked in maple syrup. Which is normal for some people but not for me because my mom never cooked anymore.

An hour or so after devouring my phone we pulled up to Arkansas High School because i was new and had limited friends. Soon after 3:50 i had finally made it home and got to my daily routine of showering, eating, watching tv and sleeping. Then i got a call from my friend Honesty asking me if i wanted to go to the fair that night with my other friend Bryan.

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First i was hesitant but soon she talked me into going. Around 8 O’clock that tuesday night we made it to the fair, the sweet aroma of funnel cakes and cotton candy hit me like a truck, being under all those fluorescent lights made me feel like I was a kid again. The sight of my best friend at the time gave me butterflies in my stomach for the first time ever. I have seen him a million times before and never felt that emotion for him before.

As the night went on we laughed and played until it was time to say our goodbyes. I did my last wave to be friends and walking out the exit gate of the fair, Bryan called me back over to him and gave me a hug followed by a kiss making my heart beat a 100 million per hour. That night at the fair was the start of something new, it was by far the best night of my life. One year down and forever to go.


I'm Ella

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