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The national government created by the articles were ineffective and lead to many disputes with not being able to stabilize the economy, effectively conduct foreign affairs and effectively conduct trade Under the articles, a national government should be able to fund things but one major problem with the articles is there inability to make any revenue as shown in doc c. In the letter from Joseph Jones to George Washington it shows that Congress didn’t have the power to tax and since they didn’t have the money to tax it leads to not being able to fund the military also in doc g jay states that if the country stays on the path it is heading the rich and powerful will obtain more power and in order to successfully run a government they need the money and power in order for the government to work and the Articles of Confederation made it very difficult for Congress to make any money also it made it difficult to pay back debts.Under the articles of confederation trading should be fair and helpful but because of England unfair trading policy it was hurting our economy. After wars trading between the United States and Great Britain decreased very much and had a steady decline from 1784-1792 (doc b).

This decrease in trade is a major problem for a new developing government and since the population is rising the demand for trade goods and foods was increasing., all the examples show how the Articles of confederation weakened our economy and also helped weaken the articles too.A national government should be able to help the nation grow and keep people safe under the Articles of Confederation the government failed in foreign affairs. After the war ended Spain and England occupied lands that belong to the United States, England still occupied forts in the old northwest preventing expansion and fueling conflict, the government tried to arrange a way with England as show In doc d ,John jay states that Britain to remove their post and territories and England not being afraid of the articles of confederation and the United States being unable to remove the territories and this ended up making the articles of confederation weak and couldn’t make any further actions without a strong centralized army but they only had a small army in each state. Also since Spain blocked the Mississippi River which limited outgrowth again united states tried to negotiate with them And, again, as frustration showed by Jay that the negotiation was unsuccessful (doc f). the failure to help protect the people and help the country grow shows that the articles of confederation failed when it came to foreign affairs and this also weakens the articles of confederation and shows that they are ineffective . although there are many problems surrounding the articles there are also positive effects to the united states the goal when they were writing the articles was to give limited power to Congress and more power to the people but they limited the power of the Congress too much to a large extent in doc h Lowndes states that the articles are like a magnificent building that has minor flaws they could easily be repaired to create a strong government.

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The articles of confederation have the right concepts they just need improvements to overcome the many problems associated with them. The national government created by the articles were ineffective with not being able to stabilize the economy or effectively conduct foreign affairs or effectively conduct trade and all these examples that I have provided help show how the articles of confederation are ineffective and that the government needs to be replaced


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