The inpatients facilities. MM Health provides labor and

The MM Health should not close the inpatients facilities. MM Health provides labor and delivery to many people in Metropolis especially immigrants and poor mothers. Additionally, MM Health attends to people shot in the street. There has been an increase of crime rates in the South Metropolis. Instead, it should adopt the trustees’ proposal of giving Ross a leave with $500, 000. Despite Ross assurance of patient’s safety and satisfaction, he failed in maintaining a stable financial status of the health care.

As a CEO, he was responsible for developing policies that ensures proper management of funds (Health Administration Degree Programs, 2018). He should have given directions to the whole body of the organization on the right ways to go. It was wrong for Ross to hide the deteriorating financial status which could have been corrected before this critical point. He failed to act on time only to make excuses when they realized that the situation had worsen.

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He should have communicated with the county supervisors on the actual financial state of the medical center. Therefore, the appropriate action should be appointing a new CEO with good financial management qualities.Q2. Ross should involve the board of county supervisors more in his decision. The county supervisors have sole responsibility in addressing financial crisis.

They make critical decisions concerning the operation of the health care. The supervisors are also important in the decision because they are responsible for the complex operations changes that might have contributed to the situation. Contrary, Ross should least involve the board of trustees since they have limited responsibility in the management.

Similarly, the trustees colluded with Ross in hiding the actual extent of the financial crisis. This is evident in their provision of full support to the Ross proposals. The financial problem was also contributed with the political interests between the two governing bodies which affected the management of Ross.

It is therefore important to involve one body that is the supervisors in order to reduce the political tension.Q3. MM can mitigate the risks of trauma by not closing the trauma center. This is the department with the highest number of patients due to increased rates of violence in Metropolis. The trauma center helps these patients with both surgical operations and other no- surgical care.

Closing trauma center will present adverse effects to the patients. Therefore the MM should consider implementing a new policy of Medicare payment that insists on attending to patients who are under Medicare. Those who are uninsured or underinsured can seek medications in other hospitals where they can afford. This is achieved through building an inclusive system which only allows health organization to operate within the affordable limits of its resources. This might help in balancing the budget of the health care thereby avoiding financial pressures.

Alternatively, MM can communicate with county supervisors to understand the high costs coming with severity of injuries. More resources should be allocated to the trauma center as compared to other departments.Q4. Ross can explain to Hann that the causes of the financial problems that could not be avoided in any way. These include increase in health care costs, delay in reimbursement of funds by the federal government, increase in the number of uninsured patients and the rise in violence in the country. According to FBI (2016) report, the city of Metropolis registered 39 cases of violent crimes and 28 aggravated assaults in 2016, making it one of the cities with high crime rates in the United States (FBI: UCR, 2016).

Similarly, the numbers of patients who are uninsured are higher among these people. This forces the MM inpatients center to strain its resources on injuries resulting from such violence hence causing financial problems. People with severe injuries need special care that demands more life-saving resources. These include transportation facilities, emergency kits, rehabilitation and acute hospital care facilities (American College of Surgeons. Committee on Trauma, 2014). The increase in health care cost has been stepped up by growing patients with no insurance coverage.

Increasing, the nature of delay in government reimbursement of funds which occur after 18 months contributed to the crisis. It is therefore clear that the financial problems were a mutual contribution between both Ross and Hann and no one is to be blamed.Q5. MM Health can overcome the political problems through the county supervisors.

The political norms arise from the board of supervisors and the board of trustees who oversee the operations of the medical center. The communication between the medical center, trustees and supervisors is misappropriated. A more direct and effective communication is achieved if the medicate center communicate directly to the supervisors as this will be easy to establish the root cause of a problem without an intermediary. MM Health can therefore make the supervisors to appeal the removal of the trustees since they have that responsibility. MM Health can solve the operational problems by engaging professionals from all departments in management decision making.

Inclusivity enables the management to effectively oversee their departments and be able to provide prompt response to critical matters arising from the division (Medicus Health Care Solutions, 2018). As a result, better operations and lower costs are achieved.


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