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The line-tracking mobile robot is a device has a capability to recognize and track a path which might be visible such as a drawn line on a surface where the robot differentiates white-area and black-line of high contrast colors, or invisible like a magnetic field.In this module, each team assigned to design a line-tracking robocar by using Infrared sensors (IR). The sensor will be attached at the bottom of the robocar.

The sensor will determine if the line under it is shifting towards its left/right as the sensor move over the line. Based on that calculation, it gives respective signals to the motors to turn left/right so it corrects the wrong moves using the feedback mechanism to make the robocar follow the line exactly. The output is a digital signal so it is easy to interface with any microcontroller such as Arduino UNO. This Infrared sensor offers simple, user-friendly and fast obstacle detection through infrared reflection.

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The other challenge in this project is to design and assemble the gripper as well as to control it manually to pick-up the right color ping pong ball and place in team’s bucket. And that would be done by using servo motors to give the availability to control the gripper toward any degree.The difference between this project and others that 3D printing design of the gripper will be as one part, where its shape had been inspired from the sea-star shape and also we will be using Flexible Filament to give the gripper the same exact flexibility that the sea-star has it.


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