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The Lifan company tries to sell their products very cheap to make it affordable for the people thus everyone. They probably don´t have the best quality but that´s not their designated strengths. They do not only sell motorcycles they also sell the engines for motorcycles.

And beyond that the Lifan brand became also famous for manufacturing electrical goods, wine, mineral water, sport shoes, anti-theft doors etc. and so they created a brand image which is more famous in Vietnam than company´s like Honda. With this brand image they have the chance to sell completely different products than the products the company came up with.

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This is not typical for a European company. They can do this because of low-cost production and low wages. And also the legal and government restrictions are lower in these countries so it´s easier to enter new markets with “new” products. Typical for western companies is that they try to focus and specialize on niche products and be the best in this certain market segment. Western Companies also try to first establish their products on the home market and export afterwards.

The Lifan Company´s business behavior is risky because there were already other giants in the motorcycle market like Honda and Yamaha. But they saw their chance and they knew that the demand for motorcycles will rise.


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