The learning environment in SMK Malang can be seen to be not conducive

The learning environment in SMK Malang can be seen to be not conducive, the students seemed less
excited or bored due to the boring learning because there were too many com
ponents which should they record,
and how to be memorized, while to understand the workings of a component was not supposed to be a rote but
the students must be shown how to work through the props or simulations in the form of hardware or software.
i (2005: 1) explained that, the learning process should be able to create the conducive classroom climate
or atmosphere which to support the formation of quality learning, further, Maisaroh&Roestrieningsih (2010: 1)
explained that, a fun learning environme
nt will have an impact on the increasing motivation and discipline in the
learning process.The teaching and learning process with the learning tools developed for vocation program of
Engineering is expected to become more focused, active, meanin
gful, orderly, maximizing the
facilities and infrastructure provided by the school and regular as well as the teaching materials are up to date
and then able to improve the student competence and attitude particularly the student competence in the learning
theory and instructional practices and change the mindset of learning for the vocational school teachers.