The surroundings and also a specific setting. As

The importance of providing a healthy and safe indoor and outdoor learning environment can be defined as the physical environment and its surroundings and also a specific setting. As a preschool teacher for children that are 3-5 years old you must take into account the health and safety issues when you are planning and indoor and outdoor activity. You must also have in mind that not all children will be able to do the same activities that their peers are doing, you must know their needs, skills and wants to then be able to modify the activity. For indoor play you must make sure that the children have adequate space to be able to spread out so the children can jump without them bumping into a friend or stumbling into the furnisher. The room should be well lighting (proper energy LED light and Natural Light). Every outlet should be covered with cover protectors, Fire extinguisher should be placed somewhere to have easy access and also a evacuation plan.

All rooms should have appropriate air ventilation and heating for a comfortable classroom environment. The purpose of the outdoor environment is to encourage children to be active, to give them a break from always being stuck indoors, and to support learning in a variety of ways. The back yard is The children should have an easy access to a bathroom for when they need to use the potty and also be able to wash their hands. Outdoor area will be gated so the children can be contained in one area. Similar to your indoor learning environment, your outdoor space should be safe and organized and include an environment that you are able to plan activities.

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We must realize that weather you are playing indoor or outdoor the children are learning through play by interacting with their peers. The first age-appropriate indoor learning activity that reinforces the importance of health, nutrition, and safety was done with the children during large group (class meeting). A few months ago we planned a lesson plan about Healthy and Nutritious Food and we decided to do an activity called Food Explorers. Teachers had brown paper bags filled with different fruits and vegetables. Teachers asked the children to put their hand in the bag and guess what fruit or vegetable was in the bag to extend the activity in the science center by we asked the children to describe the texture for example peach and kiwi (Fuzzy), tomatoes and apple (Smooth), potato and strawberries (Bumpy) and carrot, cucumber, celery (Long).

The second activity age-appropriate activity was called “Design a Placemat” which I decided to do in the Art Center. Children were given magazines and supermarket flyers and were told to look for different pictures of foods like vegetables and fruit, grains, meats and fish and dairy products. The teacher had the children choose which pictures they wanted to cut out to create their own placemats. The first age-appropriate indoor learning activity that reinforces the importance of health, nutrition, and safety


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