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The Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journey’s reading curriculum for Kindergarten to fifth grade, is an effective method to teach the students literacy skills including reading comprehension and critical thinking.

The goal of the Journey’s program is to include differentiated instruction to be able to meet the needs of all the students. Constant assessment is also an important part of the program because it is necessary to ensure the students are progressing. The Journey’s program provides the students with appropriate reading materials for each grade level.

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Introducing appropriate literacy and informational texts are essential but, the educator should ensure that there is a distribution of text types. Linda K. Zecher who is the cheif and CEO of the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journey’s program stated, “developing reading and writing skills at an early age is absolutely critical for future success—both academically and professionally.”( There are many different types of assessments that are used in accordance to the Journey’s program.

Entry-level assessments incorporate a comprehensive program using the Language Workshop Assessment Handbook to determine the improvement of English learners across proficiency levels. Additionally, there are many other assessments as well, comprising of benchmark assessments, unit tests, and the Common Core Reading Practice Assessment. The Standards-Based Assessment Resource includes precise assignments and questions, reading materials, and technology. The Intervention Assessments gage the students who are receiving intervention. Additionally, performance assessments are given when the students are given assignments together with guided instruction and practice exercises.

Another great method which the teacher uses to monitor the students’ progress is by giving weekly tests.Differentiated instruction for small groups of students, aids the educator in focusing the instruction. Journeys has a leveled reading segment, which provides different reading levels for each grade, allowing educators to increase the students’ progress towards reading more complicated reading. The leveled reading focuses on the topic of the Anchor Text.

The levels are also comprised of vocabulary, and comprehension strategies besides for the small-group instructional support in the Teacher’s Edition. All Journeys Teacher’s Guides contain ideas for the educator, to encourage the students to reason using proof from the text, contemplate beyond the text, thinking about the reading, and writing a composition about reading. In order for the educators to accommodate for all the students reading skills, Journeys offers reading levels for all students including, struggling students, students on the level, advanced readers as well as English language learners. The program suggests instructional methods for the teacher to initiate the text, assist with reading, and examine the text.

There is a comprehensive Journeys program for Tier 1, 2 and 3 to strengthen the students’ skills and guide the teaching. There is a segment that advances the English learners language skills, so that the English learners can gain from the instruction.


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