The growth of technology has led to new Challenge to the South African national security in a form of Cyber security

The growth of technology has led to new Challenge to the South African national security in a form of Cyber security. Cybersecurity is defined as the protection of internet connected systems, this may include protection of hardware, software and data from cyber attackers and is also used to secure all data information. Denning (1961:16) mentioned that cybersecurity began from USA, where citizens managed to introduce a computer virus called “Worms” which was used to hack any kind information. S.A have a group called CSIR and NCPF, which deals with cybersecurity, CSIR, 2015online.

It is said that cybersecurity introduced variety of challenges on the foreign affairs. One of the major challenge is Hacking, which is defined as any kind of stealing personal information through internet and technology. It is said that this include personal information fraud, credit card scamming, use of false banking details, and accounts. Africa. S (2015), explained that in 2014, CSIR found that each year South Africa is estimated to lose 2billion through personal information fraud. Some says that the State Security Agency(SSA) recently found that South Africa was hacked and threatened by Morocco to give a sum of R2million. However, the hacking system allows Unregistered immigrant to intrude and grab all job opportunities for South African citizens (Cwele. S 2014). South Africa is on the edge of losing billions and billions if this issue continues to dominate. Some believe that this issue might also be a result of an internal perpetrator which supplies stat encrypted information to other countries.

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It is said that one of the most complex challenge off all time is that of Unlawful interference with data and It cannot be argued that this led the state to be inferior with the leaking of highly encrypted data. This can be proven because the challenge of Unlawful Interference with Data, enables perpetrators to intrude on each data no matter how is highly secured. Nussbaum. H (2010), stated that the hacker could intrude on a State computer database and delete files, block all kind of notifications, make changes on passwords or worse send fake emails to the UN or BRICS just to tarnish the image of the country. In response to South African foreign affairs in 2016, CSIR found that, the Pre- minister of finance Mr. Privon Gordon transferred R3billions to the Parkistan, this can be proven because it is said that minister was threatened via the Computer information system, Defense Review Committee (2016:58). However, these actions put S.A at risk of international information and strategies of developments. Some says that this challenge freaks all the African societies. Unlawful interference of data, is a huge challenge internationally, because every nation like to keep national information secured. Some also believed that countries keep information secured to avoid the challenge of cyber terrorism.

Many believed that the Unlawful interference with data may result in a formation of the most complex challenge which is Cyber Terrorism. Reveron. D (2012:21), defined cyber terrorism as the politically motivated use of computer and information technology to cause severe disruption or widespread of fear on international relations. However, this might be a result of disagreement between countries, so that why some Africans believe that there are many chances on embarking of the cyber terrorism as it is said that South Africa ended up in a clash with the Russians on the deployment of Nuclear in S.A. This made S.A to be inferior of the cyber terrorist attacks as it might lose humanitarian support, (Andrew. M 2016: 56). In addition, some also believed that the attackers usually use media sources to push this challenge. It cannot be argued that one of the unforgettable cyber terrorism which sparks all international relation was that of 2010, where USA published an article about the return of God and the end of the world by 2010, (Russ. K 2014: 193). The impact of cyber terrorism may be of living in fear of something which won’t even happen, so that why it cannot be argued that once cyber terrorism embarks, the whole nation and politics feel threatened, especially the offices of foreign affairs. The challenge of cyber terrorism requires the CSIR and SSA to be more alert because some believe that it can strike at any time, CSIR 2016online.

The issue of cyber security is one of the major complex challenge to the South African national security. CSIR discovered that as long the technology becoming more advanced, the more growth of cyber-attacks. Challenges of cyber security must not be tolerated. In addition, to increase cyber security, South Africa needs to increase the level of science and technology since from primary levels.

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