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The Food and Beverage Department uses Mobile Payment System to provide additional security as well as lessen the time consumed. As for the Webcam-Enabled Monitoring System it is to ensure the staff is following standard procedure in handling food.3.

3.1. Type of technology used in Food & BeverageTable No. , Types of Technology in Food & BeverageType of Technology DescriptionMobile Payment SystemRefers to payment services operated under financial regulation and performed from or via a mobile deviceInstead of paying with cash, cheque, or credit cards, a consumer can use a mobile to pay for a wide range of services and digital or hard goodsUses a non-coin-based currency system, Recently gained wide support due to enhancement of technology (En.wikipedia.

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org, 2018)Webcam-Enabled Monitoring SystemPairing advanced algorithms with high-quality cameras, the webcam is able to record employees in food preparation areas and other workplace settings to detect any noncompliance with health regulations and safety codes.Employees will wear identification badges equipped with radio frequency transmitters that alert the system when workers approach the sink to wash their hands. The system will track how long the washing lasted and whether soap or sanitizer was used. It can also monitor workers to see if they are wearing gloves and hats while handling food (Pullen, 2018)Figure No: Mobile Payment System (VOA, 2018)Figure No: Webcam-Enabled Monitoring System (Pullen, 2018)3.3.2.

Benefit of the technology Table No. , Benefit of TechnologyMobile Payment SystemBenefitDescriptionProvide Security Full card numbers are not displayed in mobile wallet apps, and users are able to authorize payments with their fingerprints, which can protect your card information in the event your phone is stolen (VOA, 2018)Time ConsumingFast and efficient use of mobile devices at cashier Hence, less chance of someone seeing your credit card or debit card, resulting in less theft (, 2018)Webcam-Enabled Monitoring SystemBenefit DescriptionGive management insight about whether they need to reinforce training for staff.As they can observe the staff and improve on their systemAble to monitor whether the staff are following the proper procedure and technique in doing their work (Pullen, 2018)Reduce risk of food poisoningBeing able to observe the worker allows no sabotage of food to customers3.3.3.

Loophole of the technology The loophole for the mobile payment system is that consumer do not entirely trust mobile wallet partly because of the limited availability. Not all cards and loyalty programs are compatible with the payment services, and some stores are not equipped to take mobile payments. For example, bars and restaurant may only accept cash. Another loopholes would be that every transaction leaves a digital record, which makes some people concern about privacy. Hence, there will always be a fear in hackers.

(VOA, 2018)As for the Webcam-Enabled Monitoring System the loophole is that there will be no sense of privacy to workers and it is high costing.


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