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The Federalist Papers What are the federalist papers? It was eighty-five essays written to try and get the people of New York to finally agree to the cause of the new United States Constitution; to try and replace The Articles of Confederation, instead of adding on to it and correcting its faltered areas. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay wrote the papers anonymously with the pen name “Publius” and in no time they were all in New York’s news papers trying to get the people to agree. (fun fact: Hamilton tried to get Burr to help him with The Federalist Papers.

) The Federalist Papers are so important because first of all we wouldn’t have what we would have today without what they wrote many years ago.——————–Some of the important ones are federalist paper number 10, 14, 84, 78, 70, 39, and number 51. I’m going to write a paragraph about each one.Federalist Paper No. 10 Federalist Paper number 10, written by James Madison, and also said to be the most important of all, is talking about how to consider people with interests opposing to the rights of others or harm the interests of the community as a whole. Madison saw factions as unavoidable because people tear things apart; as long as people have opinions, being poor or rich, or owning more property.

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they will continue to form bonds with people who are most similar to them and they will sometimes work against the public interest and violate the rights of others. Madison hits the point on how defending the people if something goes into fault again.Federalist Paper No. 14 Written by James Madison, he is talking about wanting to counter the arguments made by opponents of the Constitution that America is too large a country to be governed as a united republic. Because a republic has representatives, it can extend over a large region.

Madison is pretty much saying it does not matter on what size our country is, but the Articles of Confederation can and probably fault again when trying to defend or fix something that went wrong.Federalist Paper No. 39 Madison wrote this one, by defining republicanism, and then answering critics questions and or concerning whether the plan is to make it federal or national- either allying the States or unite-ing the States. Federalist Paper No. 51 James Madison wrote number 51, talks about making the Checks and Balances system. Checks and Balances advocates a seperation of power in the national government, that idea is now a crucial part in our government today separating the three branches powers equally well.Federalist Paper No.

70It is written by Alexander Hamilton; Hamilton is arguing about how that the nation needs a strong executive leader, like provided by the Constitution, opposing to the the weak executive with the Articles of Confederation. And what he really displayed while writing it was when he threw out, ” the energy in the executive is the leading character in the definition of good government.” Federalist Paper No. 78 Written by Hamilton, he starts it off by saying an independent judicial is very important and explains out how Judicial Review works. While also proposing to federal judges can hold their job for life with good behavior.

Federalist Paper No. 84 Hamilton also wrote this one (another fun fact: hamilton wrote the most out of the three men, 59 in total.). he acknowledged some of the major objections that were never discussed about the Constitution; promising to look over six provisions protecting individual rights.Natalie Brackens11-4-183rd hourHistory 8th Girls


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