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The Consumer Protection Law (CPFTA) is after a decision of constant advocacy by the Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE).

Prior to the creation of the CASE in which the country needs the legal trading law to promote equity markets. The law protects consumers and traders, making the game more limited. Provides a broad and comprehensive scope of compensation to customers who are forced into contractual terms as a result of a specific form of “unfair practice”.Causes of being established can be observed in the result of informal trade unions and over years of practice. As a customer organization, a CASE has run over many cases where customers are seeking our helping hand while they become victims of an unethical business strategy.

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These include high-pressure sales strategies and door-to-door salesmen amongst others. In the country, there are unfair practices for many traders doing business in the country with unfair practices related to customer transactions:• Do or say something or cancel, make or say something so that the customer is deceive or mislead.• Create fake files.• Benefit from the customer by giving the customer the knowledge that he or she is an alien and is not in a position to protect his or her own interest or does not understand the language or the impact of the operation or any problem relating to the operation of the fake documents. Therefore, merchants should provide users with relevant information and materials so that the customers do not misunderstand. Then they can make the decision.

Who is the customer? Customer refers to any person or family who uses the goods and services created in the economy. Users are defined as the person who receives the goods or services for direct use or ownership rather than resells or uses in production and production. Two types of customers under this Act:1. Consumer goods:- Agree or Buy to purchase goods- Any user of such goods 2.

Service users:- Rent or use any service- Beneficiaries of such servicesThe Features of Consumer Protection activities that it applies to all goods, services and trade injustice, except for special exemptions by the central government. And it covers all sectors, both in private or public. It provides the creation of Central, State, and District Consumer Counseling to promote and protect the rights of consumers and high-quality machinery tools to deal with frustration and customer conflicts.Importance of user protection activities, have importance of customer perspective such as:1.

Consumers are not organized by the Consumer Protection, providing the power and rights of these organizations when these organizations can apply for a client.2. Consumer ignorance: It improves understanding, so customers can know about the many agencies that they can relate to protecting their interests.3. Extensive User Exploitation: Exploits more users when traders use different unfair business practices to cheat and exploit users. Protecting customers provides safeguards to forms of exploitation.The scope of consumer protection activities are requirements for content composition, design, construction, finishing, packaging, consumer products.

Requirement as a kind, grade, dimension, material, weight. Requirement as to the methods of test patterns and codes used to review product quality. Needs such as precautions to store, transport, and pack. Requirement that Customer Products are identified or associated with a clear, sufficient security or warning prompt or requirement or warranty. however , the consumer can have the protection activities but they still need the user protection requirements, the necessity of taking measures to protect consumer interests, such as social responsibility, is a moral responsibility of the business to serve the interests of consumers. Compliance with this policy is a responsibility of producers and traders to provide quality and quantity at the reasonable cost to customers.

The increase in consumer awareness is becoming more mature and understanding of their rights against domestic business abuses. There are many consumer organizations and associations that are working hard to increase customer awareness in ways. User satisfaction (Mahatma Gandhi) User satisfaction is the key to success of the business. Therefore, merchants should take measures to benefit the consumers by providing them with quality goods and services at affordable prices. Existence and Business Growth: Businesses must serve the benefit of consumers for their survival and growth.

As globalization and competition grow, businesses that are responsible for damages or failures of providing better services to their ultimate customers will find it harder to continue. For the management policy, resources are supplied by society. They are solely responsible for the resources, and therefore they should use such resources effectively for the benefit of society, including consumers.After they have the responsibility, they still need the right of consumer in contract that it is under The Consumer Protection ACT in Singapore, they notice the important protection for the consumer, also under the CPFTA still had formulated to protect the consumers that they give them the right for against under practices in supplier’s respectation that the suppliers don’t follow or confirm the contract. Especially, the consumers have the right to cancel the contract because they have the problem in the article of contract such as the confusing the price, quality or quantity of good, product. So, the consumer can cancel a regulated contract and they use their rights with the cancellation period by law such as: – The first, the cancellation period: the consumers can cancel the contract with the 5 days but it is not including the weekend and public holiday, after they need to follow the day that the consumer entered into the contract, the information of consumer that notice was brought to their attention, if the information notice was not the attention of consumer.

(First Schedule, Part B)- Second, the way that they use to cancel: in order to cancel the contract under the law, so the customer shall give a notice of information to the supplier about the cancellation with the regular schedule, place of business, designated person if any, and other notices the consumer’ intention to cancel the contract. Then the notice must give to the person who is designated in the consumer information notice, or send the information by anyway, address, or email. After suppliers agree on the notice of cancellation then they want to add meaning, the consumer can do. The consumer still has the other rights to cancel the contract that does not prejudice those other rights.

(regulation 4(6), (9) and 9(d))- The third, after cancellation, the contract won’t be enforceable so, the cash will be pay by the customer should be refundable, the day on the 60 days after the cancellation. Then the customer may get under an obligation to return back product immediate in a direct sales contract. (regulation 4(6), (9) and 9(d)) If the consumers have the right but they need to warn of coming danger:• Before purchasing goods and services, know product, quantity, quality, quantity.• Make it clear that issuing a bill is essential for buying Rs. 200 and up• In packing material, month & year of production, quantity or net weight- If imported, it must contain the name and address of the entry with valid registration- Do not pay more than MRP- Always look for the production date and the expiration date / best before in the case of eating and medicine.Here are the responsibilities of consumers: – Consumers must use their rights: They must choose products according to their preferences. They must fill a complaints if they don’t fulfill the need with the qualities of the products.

– Consumers have attention to safety: Users should not believe in the seller’s words. They must demand obtaining complete information on quality, quantity, value utility. Etc.- Customers must be knowledgeable: according to this, customers themselves cease to compromise product quality. While purchasing goods or services, users must search for quality brands such as ISI, Agmark, ISO, Wool Mark.- Demand for cash to file a claim that customers need proof of purchase and cash recording is evidence or evidence that customers have paid for services or services.- Complain Complaints- Customers must fill complaints, even with minor losses.

This knowledge between consumers will be making the seller more aware of the supply of quality products. Complaint with some keywords is set forth in consumer protection activities such as: Who is the user? You buy or rent services for some price. When or under what circumstances. How long can I file a complaint?Complaints must be filed within 3 months of purchase, and if some tests are required within a few months. Where can complaints be filed? The district forum with the value of goods and compensation payment shall not exceed 20 Rs.

The State Commission of Commitment of Goods or Compensation is more than 20 liters but not more than 1crore. The National Commission for all types of cases exceeds the value of the letter. 1crore. And Who is not a user? Individuals receiving goods for resale. The person who uses the goods without the buyer’s consent.

Anyone who receives the goods to rent or use any service without considering. Some help or solutions to customers: – Removal of defects in goods- Replacing goods- Return or pay. – Damage or injury compensation.- Removal of service shortages- Stop hazardous goods sales.


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