The society plagued by World War One.

The conflict between one’s hope and the harsh reality is also portrayed in the poem ‘Adlestrop’. The poet illustrates the beauty of ever-lasting nature in great detail, which is powerfully contrasted with the image of empty society plagued by World War One. The poet casts a harsh light on the absence of society in the lines such as ‘no one left and no one came / on the bare platform.

What I saw / was Adlestrop – only the name’. The repetition of ‘no one’ establishes a sense of abnormality in the absence of people. A sense of loneliness and melancholy is further heightened by the adverb ‘only’ which implies that the poet was somewhat surprised by seeing an almost abandoned platform with no sense of life present. This juxtaposition of nearly-non-existent society with the ever-present nature possibly to convey a sense of critique towards the civil authorities for depriving the beauty and a sense of life from the society. However, despite the poet’s hope for the society to restore beauty and a sense of life it had before war, the r

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